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hi i am 9 weeks preg. before falling preg i was on lexapro and my doc at the hospital said it should be ok but wasnt sure. im freaking out now because she wasnt sure.

had anyone been told to say on or go off lexapro while pregnant?

sorry im not sure what lexpro is but most mums dont realise theyre pregnant until at least 7 weeks plus and i that time continue to do things/ take meds/ eats food not recommended in preg but stop once they find out..try not to worry too much if docs said it should be ok.
It really needs to be assessed by your prescribing doctor as it really depends on your individual case. In some circumstances the need to take the medicine simply outweigh the risks associated with it. I have been told when taking medication not to stop it abruptly as this can put your body under severe strain and serious side effects can occur.

You can ring a chemist and ask them what category the medicine is for example category A is safe in pregnancy (tests have been done on animals and humans who are pregnant with no reportable side effects), Cat B (I think it is studies done on pregnant animals with no or some side effects) and Cat C (I think no studies on pregnant animals or humans or known side effects to foetus). You'll have to check that though...i'm trying to remember back to my previous pregnancy.

So really go talk to the Dr that prescribed the medication...explain to the receptionist that you are pregnant and need an appointment immediately (not in 2 wks).
Try not to upset yourslef about it! I was also in Lexapro and have a healthy little boy.

Get yourself to your prescribing doctor asap as stopping the Lexapro abruptly will throw you around abit. There are other alternatives that can be prescribed during pregnancy such a Ciprimil.

The best advice I was given while pregnant is you have to continue to look after yourslef to look after your baby. smile
Call CUPS (Chemical use in pregnancy services) at the royal woman's hospital, Randwick.Phone number:93827111 and ask to be put through to CUPS. They deal with medication use in pregnancy and you'll find they will know alot more about it then a GP-Personal experience!
They are very helpful and will give the correct information.

Jess 28yrs, 5yr old daughter, 8 month old son and 20 weeks pregnant.

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