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1st trimester weight gain Lock Rss

I'm not sure what I put on with DS by this stage but I ended up gaining nearly 20kg at the end. I lost most of the weight breastfeeding and hovered around 65-66kg. I'm 14wks pg tomorrow and i'm over 68kg. My thighs look really big and dimply. I honestly didn't realise how quickly ive gained it and now it's making me depressed. Everywhere I read it's like you have to eat healthy or you'll gain too much. You only should eat like an extra 200 calories, etc..

Well I can't help it, I feel yukky and weak if I don't eat. I'm hungry alot of the time. I also find it soooo hard to eat healthily. Back with DS I thought pregnancy was great not having to worry so much about being skinny but now I seem to gain weight alot quicker it's really playing on my mind.

What should I be eating in a whole day? Like I need a plan or something because I'm just stumped. I had 3 weetbix and a yoghurt this morning. Plus a coffee and some eucalyptus lollies. I am starving right now as that was 3hrs ago. It's not quite 10.30 and I could eat a whole lunch right now lol.

What does everyone else eat in a day? Am I doomed to put on 30kg this time? Thanks for reading too smile

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

im going through the exact same thing right now, dont worry about it, i too cant eat healthy lol... i dont like many fruits or vegs and the ones i do, i can only eat once cause then im turned off for a while, and its so hard when you crave all the crap foods, i am so ADDICTED to enculyptus lollies its bad..i eat so many a day its ridiculous..but my body is craving it so i eat it.. i have a coffe and 2 pieces of toast for brekkie, then at around 10 il have a tin of spaghetti( i love it so much),then at 11.30 il have luch then till dinner im constantly eating..and anything i 1 month i put on 4 kgs, i was depressed for a few days but oh well my body is craving them so i eat them, im normally really good with self control but while pregnant im like im possessed by food lol...
look dont worry about the weight eat what u like when u like, worry about it later after bubs is born, no matter what you'll put weight on anyway, your prenant, enjoy every minute of it and its the only time you'll get away with eating anything and everything....just relax and enjoy... smile
I'm not sure I can help in any way but just wanted you to know you're not alone! this is my first baby, i'm just going on 27 weeks now and have stopped weighing myself as it was really getting me down. What I do know is that by 14 weeks I had put on 8 kilos - from 63kgs to 71. I was like you - had to eat constantly or I just felt awful! I tried to keep it healthy but in the end I needed stodge! Pasta, bread etc - stuff I used to not eat much of, my body was genuinely crying out for it! things seem to have evened off a bit for me now but I'm still definately eating more than I did before I was pg.

Your 3 weetbix and yoghurt sound great to me. I have porridge or bran or whatever with yoghurt at about 7.30am but I can't get through til lunch at 12 or 1 without a snack. And often I'm wolfing lunch by midday anyway! Is hard but if you are healthy 80% of the time, don't beat yourself up with the treats. And if you're having more than 20% treats... well just try not to do it every day smile

Focus on the good stuff you're doing and pat yourself on the back, you might find you are less likely to self-sabotage!
Hi goldcoastmum! smile

Don't feel worried about the weight gain. I too have gained about 3 kgs and I definitely feel it (and look it!). And like you I feel yuck if I don't eat so am finding myself eating all day.....mostly bad food, but I do try to eat healthy stuff. I am about 60 kgs at the moment. I am not a tall person either! tongue

I put on about 11 kgs with DS and 14kgs with DD. Which makes me wonder if I'll put on even more this time around. Especially given that I am hardly doing any exercise this time!

My guess (and I could be completely wrong) is that you either lose or gain some weight in the first trimester (depending on how sick you are), don't gain too much in the 2nd trimester, and then gain the most weight in the last trimester.....


I was generally starving for my entire pregnancy and I put on 20kgs which I was told by my doctor was at the high end of weight gain (which of course made me feel bad) but I lost 16 of those 20kgs in the 9 days following the birth. So technically, I only put on four - the rest was all bub and fluid. Remember your body has a big job to do - be kind to yourself. I'm still sitting in my additional four kilos and I will attempt to get them off soon, but for now I'm just going to enjoy my bub and breastfeeding. In light of the miracle your body is undertaking - what are a few dimples! roll eyes
I'm sure I gained nearly 10kgs in the first 3 months, I was always hungry, But found towards the end hardly felt like eating anything, Felt like there was no room for food.

However after having bub I was probably left with about 5-10kg but gained another 5 while breastfeeding caus I was always hungry again. And 7 months later I still can't shift it.
dont worry about it now!!! wait till babys born then think about it, im 29 weeks preg with my first, have put on 20kg so far! my thighs are huge and look like orange peel so i wont be in my hot pants this summer, mainly koz i cant get them past my knees anymore LOL but i see it as motivation to avoid that PND when hes born, exercise exercise exercise

be easy on yourself, eat what you want, food is one of the only comforts right now, besides bubble baths and sparkly grape juice
3kgs in 14weeks is great!!! you have to realise you arent just gaining fat,

a woman when pregnant and at that stage gains 1L to 1 1/2L's of extra blood, then you have fluid around the baby, and then also the baby!!!

so really your 3kgs is accounted for!! and of course your body is going to change, your muscles are softer when pregnant and your ligaments start stretching...not just your belly ones.

Just try and drink LOTS of water to ensure you are flushing out any toxins...just will helps with the stretch marks and the bumpy thighs! and maybe take up some exercise-yoga, water aerobics ect...

I'm very proud that i have only put on 5kgs and i'm 18weeks...gone from 54kgs to 59kgs smile
By this time with DD1 i had already put on 12kgs!!! (i put on a total of 25kgs with her)
I'm really aiming for the healthy gain of 10kgs-15kgs this time smile

I sound like the same as you! Even though I am still doing pump and walking/jogging regularly at 25 weeks I am putting on more weight than I would have liked. I eat healthy, but enjoy eating chocolate at the end of the day when the kids are asleep. My obstetrician told me to stop weighing myself. He only weighs people if he thinks they are gaining to much or not enough. I know it will take me a good 9-12months to get back to prepregnancy, but if he does not think I should worry then I can live with that (well try too!)
I agree with PP and the ones above it!

I am 15w and this time last pregnancy I hadn't gained much weight, BUT my thighs, butt and face all were much bigger (photos & clothes make this very evident!) - I think a lot was fluid. But to make up for it, I had a rapid increase in weight in 2nd trimester - around 1kg per week!!

This time I have gained >3kg already, but nausea has been worse & I can't eat any veges or much meat without vomiting!!! Instead - chips, 2-minute noodles, crackers all help ease it. Yikes. But apparently research says that the most important factor is being a healthy weight before getting pregnant - that by far the majority of these people will return to a healthy weight afterwards, regardless of weight gain during pregnancy. Fingers crossed this holds true!
Has anyone lost weight in their first trimester? I'm 9 weeks today and starting to feel worried that I have lost weight rather than gain it - not a lot, about 1/2 kg. I'm eating like a horse, pretty much constantly grazing, but mainly only craving bland food like muesli, fruit, soup, nuts and crackers and can't stomach anything too sweet. Also not drinking alcohol obviously, which I am sure makes a difference to calorie intake! I'm only a small person anyway and my (.Y.)'s have most certainly grown. Should I just be thankful? Or get ready for a massive gain over the next few weeks / next trimester? The things we women worry about...
Thanks for the replies, I feel alot better knowing i'm not alone. Dimply thighs or not, i'm a hot mama lol. I just don't look at them in the mirror anymore. On the otherhand my boobs are ridiculously big for me so I like looking down at my cleveage for a confidence boost laugh

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

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