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Hi there!
Im currently 36+3 weeks pregnant and was just wondering if it is normal for me to get hot flushes and to feel hot at this stage, i realise you produce more blood etc, i just thought at this stage it wouldnt be as bad as earlier in pregnancy. Today is overcast and cold as it has been raining but im getting hot flushes and feeling quite warm. Also last night I had a very light shirt on for pyjamas and the night was quite chilly however if i pulled the blankets up, i'd start sweating,
Does anyone else have this drama at this stage in pregnancy? Is it a normal thing? smile
I was hot the whole way through my pregnancy. And i would sweat alot. i dont think i slept with the blankets on very much at all, and i was pregnant all through winter. It could be like 5 degrees and everyone would be rugged up in jumpers and blankets and i would be in a singlet sweating!
Yep! Did for the first two, and am really bad at the end of this one (38 + 3). But I reckon it gets worse after you have the baby and with BF. Lucky we're pregnant in the cold eh? My first was over a very hot summer (born in feb), was veeeeery hot.
I am the same... Yesterday I was so so hot and several times in bed I am throwing off the covers haha... I think we have our very own built in heater tongue
I was hot all the time with my DS thank god I was pregnant during the cooler months. Hence we are trying for number 2 now so im not heavily pregnant in the warmer months. grin
Sure do! I've had the fan on at times during the whole thing, even through winter! It's normal smile

Before I was pregnant I was so sensitive to the cold. I would wear heaps of layers to keep warm. When I was pregnant I was always hot, I could walk around in a t-shirt in winter. The strange thing is I have stayed that way and I have only worn a jacket about 4 times this winter. I go out in the rain and cold days in a t-shirt. Don't know why I haven't gone back to normal blink

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I had hot flushes all the way through 1st pregnancy, and like another post said - it got worse afterwards with breastfeeding too. And I had wicked night sweats for the first 4-6 weeks after bubs was born - be prepared!!! I was also hot - ALOT - and previously I was so sensitive to the cold, but when pregnant I couldn't even stand my hubby's body near mine at night! I had a permanent fan going at work.

Interestingly, like the last post, I don't seem to have reverted back to normal. I generally felt warmer on the whole - wearing t-shirts & shorts much longer than most in the colder months. Also, this preg (so far) have had much less hot flushes. Hope it stays that way!
I am feeling warmer just the last week!

We were out on Saturday night and we were outside and everyone was were jumpers and jackets and saying it was cold.

I didnt have my jacket on and was a nice temp!
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