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10 weeks and spotting?? Lock Rss


Im 10 weeks and this morning on only one occasion when I went to the toilet I had "brown" spotting if thats what I could call it as it was only on the toilet paper and wasn't a blood type liquid it was more patchy and stringy??? Sorry for graphics, Im very worried as I have had a previous miscarriage a few months ago.
I work in a Drs so they have done my HCG level for me this morning. I have had nothing since 9am this morning and have been forever checking.
I spoke to midwife and she said as long as im not cramping or its fresh then not to worry.

Can anyone help me on this
Hi i had spotting too at this stage,, the same as you have and your midwife is right, as long as its brown or not fresh blood, it could be just a bit of implantation bleeding left over and because your bub is growing it has just made its way to the surface. It is worrying though, try to relax,, just rest abit... goodluck.
Hi, I spotted right from conception till about 11 weeks. Bright red blood too, but often mucosy (sorry if TMI). Minimal or no cramping though. All was good at the 12w scan. Midwife said it can come from the cervix because it is irritated and has increased blood flow. The Sonographer found a patch of fluid below bubs, said it can sometimes come from implantation. I think although bleeding isn't considered normal in pregnancy, I think it is fairly common. Good luck!
I was the same but had really bad cramping and passed a big clot but have a beautiful 15 month old now so don't panic..It is so common
With DS1 I had spotting at 5, 8 and 10wks....he's a beautiful 2yr old now. Also have had spotting with this pregnancy at 6wks but all seems to be going well. Some of us are just 'spotters'.
Hi There,

I had bleeding on and off right up until 14 weeks with DS1 - in fact so much so that I didn't realise I was pregnant as I thought I had had my period.

I also didn't get much MS and someone told me it may have been caused by low HCG levels.

Good luck, hope all is ok x

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