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12 weeks with spotting Lock Rss

I am new to this but someone suggested I ask just to see if I can get any answers.
I am 12 weeks pregnant (just) with my first child and woke up in the early hours of yesterday morning with "unusual" stomach pains and when I went to the toilet there was red and brown blood. We went straight to the hospital and the emergency room doctor checked everything and said everything seemed ok, and wasn’t really too concerned as a scan of the baby showed it was moving and had a good heartbeat. They couldn’t see any blood around baby or anything but no one could offer a solid explanation about what it could be. The doctor told me that some spotting and bleeding during pregnancy is quite common and not to worry unless it was bright red blood or there were clots in it (which I don’t think there have been) but the midwife told me that I should prepare for the worst (which upset me even more). The pain is not really cramping but more of an ache, although when I move or twist in some particular ways it gets quite sharp. The pain seems to be quite low down (rather than in the middle or under my ribs or anything). The bleeding has decreased since yesterday, but is still there and is brown (rather than red or a mixture). Now it is being called a “threatened miscarriage” and I am wondering how long it is likely to last before being normal or “safe” or if it continues until the baby is born. I am really scared and no one seems to be able to tell me what is likely to happen, if the baby will be ok, when the bleeding will stop, or anything really.

Poor you sad it's so hard when you have bleeding during pregnancy, but so many women go on to have healthy babies. I did, I had spotting, red and brown, on and off from 6 weeks till 14 weeks, and now have a healthy 8 month old.

I think (I may be wrong) that any bleeding during early preg is called a threatened miscarriage. I know mine was. And unfortunately all they can do for you at this stage is reassure you bubs is o.k. and hope for the best. Most times they can't tell where the blood has come from, they couldn't with me. Some midwives and Drs can seem a little insensitive about it, but I suppose she was trying to prepare you for the worst. Their guess would be as good as anyone's as to when the bleeding will stop. Mine always seemed to continue for a week or so, getting lighter, then start again sad

I'd say if it's brown blood, that's a good sign, as brown blood is old and it may just be your body clearing some old stuff out. I know you said you had aches more than cramps, which is hopefully just all your bits and pieces stretching, as they do in early pregnancy. The pain will be low down, as that's where your uterus is still and all the ligaments and things start stretching.

I know it's really hard, but all you can do is try and get as much rest as possible, try and relax and just hope for the best. If you're in doubt or it gets worse or you get bad pains, head back up to the hospital. I was in and out of emergency so many times I think they knew me, but they always checked bub and put my mind at rest. With my pregnancy I found it hard to relax until I felt bub move a few weeks later.

Good luck with it all, try to relax, I'm sure bubs will be o.k. smile
Hi there. I know it can seem concerning. Brown blood sounds to me like it is old which your body is trying to "dispose" of. I had bleeding at 7,10 and a haemorrhagic bleed which was quite scary at 16.5 weeks. I went on to have healthy twin boys (who are now 2 and a half). It is concerning and scary. i always thought the worst and being my first even worser. But everytime this happened I would ring up my GP and would go and get an ultrasound straight away for reassurance. I was having a few pains also. A few trips to the emergency department confirmed that everything was ok. The 16.5 week haemorrhagic bleed was the scariest as I really thought I had miscarried. But off to hospital I went and they checked the babies heart beat and did an ultrasound as well as check me internally (boy i hated that bit) and everything was ok. Same thing they could not explain why the bleeding was occurring. Don't despair and keep thinking positive. Fingers crossed all will be fine. Just any concerns, straight to hospital or phone GP and get an urgent ultrasound. This is for piece of mind. Good luck, all the best and let us know how it all goes.
Hi there,
I recently had a bleed at 26 weeks which started as old brown blood- i freaked as no bleeding with my first went to hospital and there i had a small gush of red blood it was dicovered i had placenta previa 31 weeks now and no more bleeding.

My advice would be stay positive and first sign of bleeding hospital which im sure you would.
Thinking of you and hope there is no more bleeding for you xox
I have had bleeding with all my pregnancies, usually at around 10 weeks, but with this one (no. 4) I bled at almost 12 weeks. Sometimes they say it can happen when you would have normally had a period due, but I have such irregular periods, this didn't seem to fit the bill!
With this pregnancy, I had been shopping, walking up and down numerous flights of stairs, and that night started bleeding. Ultrasound and doppler assured us that everything was fine, but I was put on bedrest for a week. It stopped after 3 days, and was red for the first 1.5 days, then went brown. At the next ultrasound a week later, it showed that the placenta was completely covering the cervix, and the Dr explained that all the stair walking I did probably put strain on the cervix muscles, which caused a small tear or separation of the placenta. At least there was an explanation this time! I just have to be careful from now on.
I have also had 3 miscarriages, and the bleeding was very different, and I got really bad cramping each time. My miscarriage bleeding was always dark red, and just got heavier, and the cramping more intense. If your bleeding has settled down to a brown colour, that's a really positive sign, and if they've detected a heartbeat, then your baby is doing well. When I bled from a miscarriage, the baby had already died.
Try and stay positive, rest as much as you can, and take it easy!


Hi There,

I know its hard not to worry but try not too.

I had bleeding with my first pregnancy at around 9 weeks which started out a light pink/brown colour and over a course of a week gradually got worse and I ended up loosing the baby. I also had bleeding with my second pregnancy at around the same stage and of course thought the same thing was happening again but am happy to say that I now have a happy bubbly 17 month old. I also went and had a scan and the babies heart beat was great and baby was happily moving around. I would say not to worry unless you start getting any fresh red clotting as the doctor advised as this was the big difference in my experience.

As for the pains, I had pains all through my pregnancy so I also wouldnt be too worried about that, it's just your uterus stretching as the baby grows. When I had the miscarraige the pains were REALLY bad, like really bad period pains so new something was deffinately wrong.

Hopefully this helps and goodluck smile

i was aroud 12 weeks and i suffered spotting as well the dr told me that it was simply my body getting rid of the last bit of menstral cycle and not to worry about it but i felt alot better after going to the dr and sometimes its best to just to be sure everything is ok
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