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When Do you plan to go on Maternity Leave Lock Rss

Hi All
Just wondering what peoples plan's are for maternity leave.
My boss has asked for me to put in writing when i expect to take leave and has "suggested" i cut down to part time the month leading up to my leave as it will be hot in summer.
I am 13.5 weeks pregnant now and am feeling good. I realise once im bigger it will be tough but i was expecting to be able to work full time until about 2 weeks before DD.
I work between the office and home so my work is pretty flexible.
Just interested in what others are planning

xXx B
I work in childcare and am planning on finishing up at about 34-36wks. But, In saying that, I had really bad back pain with my first pregnancy and finished up at only 32wks. Its hard to say how you'll be feeling at the time.
Also, I think you would probably want to finish before 38wks incase you have the baby early! You'll need at least 2 weeks of rest before baby arrives!
Good Luck
Okay, at 13.5 weeks you do not have to put plans in place yet for when you will be going on leave. You have to give three months' notice (in NZ anyway).

Also, if you work in an office you will not necessarily need to cut down to part-time - it's hardly hard physical labour. I agree that those who do more manual jobs probably will need to cut down. But here's the important bit - your maternity pay is based on how much you've earned each week over the past year. If you cut your hours down too much, you may find that you don't qualify for the full amount anymore. If you get to the later stages of pregnancy and you really are struggling, you are probably best going on leave early rather than cutting down your hours.

I personally stopped work at 32 weeks but that was because I had to relocate overseas and that was the latest I could fly. There aren't many reasons why you'd need to stop work that early.

I would advise that you plan to stay at work until probably 38 weeks. This maximises the time that you have off after the baby is born. And, if it's your first, it is highly likely that you'll go overdue so you've still got a couple of weeks of baby-free time.
I work in office admin, and this is my last week of work. I am 36 weeks at the end of the week. I am delivering at 38 weeks.

I had my hours reduced from f/t to just 2 mornings when I was 30 weeks - and started really appreciating this when I was approx 34 weeks! Feet started swelling; fingers tingling; belly getting big; emotional etc...I felt/feel good - but I could not be working f/t at the moment and be producive, or healthy.

The offer is there if you needed it - which is fantastic support from your workplace. I would apply for the p/t leave in writing which also allows you to work a bit longer if you need it ie to 38 weeks, and if you find you are ok towards the last month, then speak to your boss about continuing your normal hours, but I would really suggest that you plan on taking it so that you can enjoy all the things going on in your life at that time.


I work in an office job.
With my first I finished up at 34 weeks this time round I am finishing up when I am 36.5weeks smile
I work in an office job and finished last Friday which would have been 36 1/2 weeks for me. I could have carried on really, but did find myself getting tired and sleepy some afternoons - was also getting swollen feet and legs which happened more on workdays rather than when I was at home. Advise from the midwife was to finish about 4 weeks before due date as it gives you time to relax a little before baby turns up and of course takes into fact that you could deliver earlier.
as a secondary teacher, I plan to finish around 34 weeks because I am finding my job and full time hours really tiring. I guess it depends how much sitting and resting you can do during the day - I rarely get to sit down for long and cant take a long lunch break or anything like that.

38 weeks and 2 days

I work in a cafe and am finishing next week (33 weeks) as I am getting sore and tired very quickly!
With DD i worked in an office job FT and i planned to finish up at 37 weeks but the day before i had a hospital appt and ended up having to stay for 4 days, so i started then and had DD a week later.
With this one, i worked nightfill 4 nights a week and found it alot harder than my 1st pregnancy, so i finshed up at 35 weeks.

I honestly dont think you need to reduce your hours if your feeling ok, its your choice but at least you have the option to do it if you need!
Okay, when I had my twin boys back in 2009, I stopped work at just short of 8 months. I was an office manager and found that it took its toll on me. I ended up cutting back my hours to 4 days a week by 30 weeks. Your work is asking you to "predict" a little too early as to when you want to start maternity leave, don't u think????? At least finish up by between 34 and 36 weeks just in case bubs comes early. At least you will have a few weeks of rest and relaxation. My blood pressure took over in the end. Good luck.
At my work we have to finish at 34 weeks unless we have medical clearance to work longer. I am still toying with idea of getting the clearance and staying fo an extra 2 weeks and finish at 36 week as I am feeling good at the moment (I'm currently 30 weeks). I don't think I would want to go past 36 weeks as I would like time to wind down a little before bubs arrives and make sure I have everything ready.
with my ds i worked up till 38 weeks and he came a week early was good cos i started to get a bit board. I worked in sales full time so was on my feet all day aswell. im now 31 weeks with my second and plan on working up till 38 weeks aswell and in the same job

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