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how often should you get braxton hicks Lock Rss

im 31 weeks and been getting braxton hicks since about 20 weeks just here and there they havent been painful or anything and today i have been getting them all morning they are not painful but uncomfortable how much is to much? should i ring my midwife?

Have a big drink of water and a rest, if that doesn't help then there's no harm in calling. They aren't really 'painless' in my opinion, sometimes they can be really uncomfortable! With #2 I had them from about 26 weeks in a BIG way. There are no rules with Braxton Hicks though, some people have them constantly and others don't get them at all.
i got them with all 3 of my kids and this one has been the worst (i agree 'painless' is bs lol) ive been getting them since 24weeks this time around, and more some days then others. i called my MW about it and she said that as long as there are no other signs of early, waters breaking etc and as long as bubs still moving from time to time, to not be concerned and to call her if they get consistently worse and more frequent (like labour starting). but in all honesty id call anyway, if you feel anything is not quite right or ur unsure its only a quick phonecall smile
I started to get them early on and very very often.. I found that if i drink heaps of water and rested it helped heaps.. now i just drink a tonne of water and i dont get them very often.. I would spend the day drinking as much as possible and what its like later grin
i recon you shouldnt have anything to worry about unless there are other labour signs.. but it is just a quick phone call if you think otherwise.

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