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ultrasound measurements/weight size - accurate?? Lock Rss

HI all, at my 30 week check up doc did a quick scan and said bub was measuring bigger (head and abdomen) for dates but legs were as normal. Is this weird?

38 weeks and 2 days

Nope, not weird at all. Different parts of babies grow at different rates, and it is the same until they stop growing! I'm a high school teacher and I swear at about 13 boys' feet grow, but the rest of them hasn't caught up yet! Also everything is compared to an average, but not everyone is exactly in proportion, for example you may have shorter or longer legs than average, but that is totally normal. smile
Ultrasounds aren't always accurate in terms of predicting a baby's size and weight, but they were spot on with DD#2 she came out pretty much exactly the size the scan predicted (10lb 4oz!).
MW told me that measurements can be out by 20%

Not all kids/adults have the same proportions anyhow (short/tall etc), babies are the same.

My kids all measured big and were large (That said, my kids had small heads - DS's height and weight on 75th centile at birth and head on 25th centile - very thoughtful of them I think gasp - ouch lol)
thanks ladies, that has put my mind at ease! XX

38 weeks and 2 days

i would not stress, for the last 6 weeks of my dd pregancy had a weekly scan because she was to small, ended up having her 2 weeks early and she was 7lp3oz, to small what ever lol. they are never accreate so try not to worry to much smile
Hey there smile
With my first, I had a scan at about 32 weeks and was told wow she is a BIG baby she will be atleast 10 pound - and she was 8 pound 5 at birth. So I personally think that they are wayyyyy off with their measurements.

My friend just had her wee girl and was told she will be about 9 pound she was only just over 6 pound so very little!
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