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I went for my NT screening last week which cost me $200. While i was waiting for my DVD another lady came in to have the same scan. I could over hear the conversation with the lady checking her in and she ended up having her scan bulk billed. She didn't have a health care card. How did she do this? We are both private patients we were both reffered by our GPs. I actually feel discriminated against. Why should i have to pay $200 (with a rebate of $53). Why should i be $150 out of pocket and not her? Can anyone explain to me how this works and why i would pay and she wouldn't???
I'm having a problem with my bill for ultrasound at the moment too.

My GP wrote on my form "high risk pregnancy, shared care. Bulk bill please"

Apparantly if the gp requests it you get bulk billed, otherwise you have to pay it.

Mine is a whole different story - they were supposed to bulk bill me and they've refused so we are in the middle of trying to work it out at the moment.

Most places will not bulk bill for an NT scan as it is optional.

My NT ultrasound was bulk billed unsure I think it might have something to do with the radiology practice as well, because whenever I've had anything done through Radiology SA it's always been bulk billed, yet with Bensons I always get charged.
hi, I am in QLD, dont know if this makes any difference?
I am not sure how it works as I have had 3 diff scenarios with 3 diff pregnancies!

DS - bulk billed as referred thru the RBH (hospital) and done on site.
DD1- paid for by me. This pregnancy did shared care between my GP and the hospital and my GP made the referrals
DD2- bulk billed by my (different) GP (now living on the sunshine coast and my GP offered to find me an xray clinic that bulk billed)

So it may have something to do with where the referral comes from and which clinic you use???

Oh - and none of mine were high risk pregnancies. I did need extra scans for my last one as I had partial placenta previa, but nothing major.

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

I havent had my NT scan yet, but had a dating scan a few weeks ago. I'm doing shared care through my GP so she sent me to the place that bulk bills for shared care, so I assume that my NT scan will be bulk billed as well.

From what I understand, if the GP requests the scan to be bulk billed, then it should be.
I wondered this too....

When i went for my scans. i had to pay $150 another place charged $180...
I got the referal from my GP..

Then i had a midwife appointment and i was coming up to my 20 week scan. I went for the scan and i went to pay.. the lady behind the desk said its from the hospital you dont pay with those ones..

So maybe thats why?
If you are in NSW, and under 30 then you have to pay as you are not "high risk" for an NT scan, otherwise over 30's can be bulk billed. My dr, told me that I would have to pay as it is an "optional" scan! Hope that helps.
I think my GP mentioned early in my pregnancy that you only get 2 scans bulk billed, so not to worry with a dating scan as my periods were so regular. Ended up having an early scan due to spotting which was bulk billed but paid for my NT. I have the option of getting my 19wk scan bulk billed but ive decided to go to a private place and pay. You end up getting some of it back on medicare anyway. I'm not that sure what the go is though, you'd have to ask a doctor or scan place.

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

Yeah I think it depends on the referral and the place. I questioned mine and they bulk billedall my scans.
I rang my clinic before I had any of my ultrasounds done to confirm the pricing. They're also affiliated with the hospital as well, but I only go on refferal from my GP.

They charged for the initial scan, but all scans after the initial for the duration of the pregnancy where then bulk billed.

Although all of mine have been bulk billed as my sister in law works there. So I'm pretty lucky in that respect!

But it just depends on the clinic, and if you ask I think. Completely separate from pregnancy I once went in for a CT scan, and discussed payment options with them before getting it done, they offered a small payment fee and the rest bulk billed. So it really is based on the clinic at times.
Hi there, ive had 9 scans all together im now 32 weeks.....and ive only ever paid for 2 of these. reason being is that im im over 35 there for you are classed in the higher risk catagory. maybe all places arent the same. clare x
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