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This is my first pregnancy and I am only 5 weeks. We have been so lucky in getting a BFP from our first round of IVF.

Last week I was pretty sick and diagnosed with OHSS. I had a follow up appt with my specialist yesterday who did some more blood tests and today she has told me my thyroid level since falling pregnant has gone from 2 to 3.3. She said in pregnancy they like our levels to be under 2.5 and an underactive thyroid (which mine is at 3.3) can cause development issues for bubs, particularly brain development & I've read it may possibly also cause miscarriage.

She has prescribed thyroxine and told me to take in the evening away from my pregnancy multivitamins (I take Blackmores pregnancy & breastfeeding) and only take Monday - Friday as taking too much can also cause damage!

Hubby & I are feeling very nervous. Has anyone else been in this situation? Or anyone been on Thyroxine in early pregnancy? If you wouldn't mind sharing your story or advice please?

Thank you in advance!

I have an under active thyroid also, and have been taking the medication for 10 years. I took it all through my pregnancy and I have a healthy boy who is going on 2!

expect regular check ups of your levels to ensure all is going the end of my pregnancy i had tripled my normal dose! wow hormones are nuts when your preggers! Good luck with the pregnancy and congratulations

Try not to worry smile Not that I am an expert but 3.3 seems to be ok. The normal range is up to 5 although others say up to 3 is normal. It's great that you are on thyroxine and you should be fine - just keep taking your medication and make sure you go for your blood tests and check ups. As I understand it, babies could have problems if thyroid problems AREN'T treated.

My thyroid levels have slowly been rising (even before I was pregnant). My last result before medication was 4.97 and I was 8 weeks pregnant then.

My GP is one who believes that up to 5 is normal and thyoxine was not necessary at that point in time. (I have had a miscarriage at 12 weeks and two other miscarriages at 4 weeks).

Luckily I saw an obstetrician early on who promptly referred me on to an endocrinologist.

He said my GP is partly right and partly wrong. If I wasn't pregnant, then he wouldn't have put me on medication yet and just monitored me. BUT because I am pregnant, he said I should be on thyroxine. He started me out at 25 microcrams and I just had a test last week and my levels have come back down. I am now 13 weeks pregnant with a very happy active bubby in there. So please don't worry. I know that I have read that IVF specialists recommend levels should be under 2.5 before falling pregnant but hey, I fell pregnant at 4.5.

I need to see the endocrinologist when I'm about 18-19 weeks pregnant because the hormones could change dramatically then so all good so long as I'm monitored and keep taking my medication.

I have my tablet first thing in the morning with a big glass of water and I eat breakfast between 1-2 hours after (shouldn't have calcium and iron close to when you take your medication. I have my Blackmores pregnancy tablets at nighttime with dinner.

Do yourself a favour and don't GOOGLE! Otherwise it will do your head in. Trust your drs and you and bubs should be fine. Congratualions on your pregnancy smile

Hope my story has helped a bit.
I was diagnosed with a under active thyroid when I was 15, I was put on 25mg thyroxine tablets, had mt 1st baby at 20 no probs in pregnancy and he's healthy, at 21 I got put upto 50mg, I'm 28 now had 3 more children all pregnancies trouble free, all kids healthy, just every now and then I have bad days where I get extremely tired and cant do a thing, but not as much as I used to. Have to a levels checked every 6 mths to keep an eye on them.


Hi, I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid 18 months after having my daughter who is now 3 1/2. We were planning on trying for another baby, but my endocronologist told us to put it on hold until my levels were safe and under control. She started me on thyroxine. Months later when we were given the ok to start trying for another bub, I fell pregnant very easily but sadly had a miscarriage at 8 weeks. They can't be certain that it was because of my underactive thyroid. Five months later after making sure my levels were under control, we tried again and I am now almost 8 months pregnant, and everything seems to be progressing well. I was closely monitored for the first 3 months by my obstetrician and had regular blood tests to check my thyroid levels were on the safe side. My dosage has had to be altered a couple of times and I've been having blood tests every 4-6 weeks. My tsh levels went up to 3.8 early in the pregnancy, so I would'nt worry too much. Also they do the heel prick test on the baby at the hospital, to make sure there are no issues. It is worrying but many women with our condition go on to have healthy babies. I take my medication first thing in the morning and eat breakfast 1 hour later. I take my iron and blackmores pregnancy tablets at night. Good luck with everything.
Thank you so much for sharing your stories. Being our first pregnancy, and after trying for 18 months we are so desperate for everything to be ok!

We are trying very hard to stay relaxed, but never knew how it was possible to be so elated and so anxious at the same time.

Your stories have given me comfort, thanks smile
HI there, I am also 5/6 weeks pregnant. I have had an underactive thyroid for 11 years now and before pregnancy was on 200mcg of thyroxine. Under the care of my endocrinologist i have taken another 100mcg daily for my baby and this will be adjusted per my bloods every 2-4 weeks. It is important to keep an eye on your thyroid if it is causing you a problem but your GP will manage this and it is easy to control with medication. My endocinologist told me that my ideal TSH should be between 0.25-2.5. (i am pretty sure however have lost the paper) It is stressful this is also my first pregnancy and all i can think about it what if my levels are wrong but i have faith in my GP and yours seems to have on top of this really quickly as well so it sounds like all will be fine for you. Your TSH has most probably already corrected itself. Good luck with your pregnancy i look forward to hearing about as we progress towards motherhood together.
from Felicity and poppet!
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