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Vonwilly Brands Disorder Lock Rss

Hey girls i was just wondering if any of you have gone through labour with Vonwilly Brands or any blood disorder? I'm currently 30weeks pregnant and scared out of my mind that im going to lose so much blood and be sick. My mum haemorrhaged through hers...
Any input would be great smile

I don't have a blood disorder, though my platelet count was very low through my pregnancy and labour. It turned out that I actually didnt have the option to have an epidural due to my low platelet count (I didnt want one, but I had counted on having the option).

Anyway, I did have a blood loss of 700 mls from labour, however, noone was very concerned about it, and my bloods werent taken at all during my stay after having bub. I felt very run down, and tired, and look very pale for the first few weeks after birth (but I think this is all pretty normal even without having a haemorrhage). All it took was a really healthy diet and lifestyle to pick back up.

I hope my experience can help in some little way

Rachael, WA, 9 1/2 mth cheeky monkey

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