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Have you had a "surprise" pregnancy? Lock Rss

I want to start by saying I'm am extremely blessed with great fertility, and I'm not meaning to cause hurt to anyone who's ttc or struggling with fertility.

dd(4) was a complete shock to us, we thought we were waiting for dh to finish study, ds (3) was almost planned (sort of, "let's start trying soon") and this pregnancy, again we said maybe in 6 months or so. I'm still not sure how it happened smile Either I ovulated about 3 days after period finishing (but I normally have a 48 day cycle) or the condoms just didn't do the job- hope that's not TMI!

So after the initial surprise, we're now overjoyed and feel like it's meant to be.

But i'm feeling a bit of guilt at the "oh no!" that I felt when I initially did the HPT (we have just moved interstate, dh has started a phd etc and just wanted to wait to settle in a bit more)

Has anyone else gone though this, and how did it all work out for you?
ds3 was a bit of a surprise, did not really think I would concieve only 4 months after having ds2 but did not do anything to prevent it.Also, had a 4th unplanned pregnancy miscarry(contraception mishap).That was hard as we had just gotten our heads around the idea and before that had decided no more kids

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

YES!! I have had a surprise pregnancy.

I fell pregnant with my DD#2 the first time I slept with my now DH laugh

It all worked out well though, and I would have been happy even if it had not gone well eg her dad freaking out smile
My blog, take a peek into my world

DS was a surprise but we were thinking about having a baby within the next year or so anyway. This one happened super quick, the minute we stopped using contraception...bang fall pregnant. I realise how lucky I am to be so fertile, but it also scares me too. We really don't want anymore than 2 kids so it's going to be a tough one keeping old eggy and spermy apart for many more fertile years (i'm 26 now)! unsure

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

definately! DD was a suprise i fell pregnant to my fiance when we'd only been together for a month or so and i was on the pill..i told my mum and her reaction was 'to who?!' she hadnt even met DH yet! lol and DS i was BF and on the mini pill (we wanted #2 just not so soon!) and then with #3 we thought 'well what the hell if its mean to be then itll happen when nature intends'...well nature works quickly for us.
i definately dont want to make anyone out there struggling to conceieve feel bad, weather a suprise or not every child is a blessing and is loved and cherished beyond measure and i hope those who are having trouble get a little miracle soon X
Yes smile I am currently pregnant with no 3 who was very much a surprise. I fell pregnant while on the depo injection but didn't know as wasn't having periods. My stomach started to "enlarge" went to doctors only to find out i was already 18weeks and 5days LOL. DH and I were very very shocked at first as had already discussed another baby and had decided two was enough but are very happy now awaiting our 3rd baby boy due in 5 weeks smile Every baby is a blessing planned or unplanned and i am grateful to be able to have children. I wish all the women out there trying to fall pregnant all the luck in the world
hi- Our kids weren't "accidents" BUT were "bad" timing.

I lost my job, we got kicked out of our rental house (through no fault of our own smile ) and found out we were pregnant with DS within a few weeks of each other - DH was in his first year of his PhD

DD was born while DH was doing his PhD but otherwise no issues.

We found out we were pregnant with this one the same weekend DH got offered a Job in NZ (we were in OZ) so we moved countries and DH started a new job while we were early in the second trimester. and we had to figure out the health system over here- fast smile

So although they were kinda planned - if we knew what was gonna happen at those times- we might have done things differently smile but looking back on it all - its all been fine. Stressful every now and then- but we never regret any of them, in anyway smile
My pregnancy was a very large surprise to me.
I was on the pill and wasn't getting periods so I never thought it would happen. Then one week my flatmates all had a stomach bug and I also started getting sick but I just thought I had the same illness as them until they all started getting better and I didn't. When I first took the test there were alot of tears and fear but now I couldn't be happier about it.
I know I am young and a lot of people are going to judge me but I am happy and will do absolutely anything for my little rascal.

But now I know how fertile I am I will definitely be taking more care in the future.

This pregnancy was a huge surprise for me.
DS was planned. I fell pregnant with him 2 weeks after I stopped taking the pill.

Since having DS, I've had 3 m/c and decided I was done.
We've had some financial issues and are saving for a house, while living with the MIL ( gasp ) so a baby would make this a lot harder.

When I fell pregnant this time, I was on the pill and using condoms except for 2 days in the entire month.
I was really full on with exercising at the time, to the point where DH and I were climbing mountains on the weekends.
The day after I did a 5hr climb, I thought I had been going to the bathroom a lot and DH thought I had a UTI. I jokingly said "Oh, I'm just pregnant"...and I was :/

A lot of tears and stress, but everything will be ok smile
Reading all these pregnancy stories is really interesting.
After DD1 we were told we may never have any more children. Took 5 years. mulitple miscarriages and IVF with all the bells and whistles to be lucky enough to concieve #2. 6 months after he was born, #3 was concieved! We didn't think it was possible and now have 3 beautiful children and are the luckiest people in the universe smile
This baby was a surprise. But I wouldn't change anything!
DP has been so supportive, and a lot more enthusiastic than me about the pregnancy at the beginning. I was very reluctant to let go to the carefree party life I was leading. But over time I now feel like my life has much more meaning and I am so excited to meet my baby!
First 2 were planned. They are now 8 and 11. This pregnancy was a big surprise, I am now 31 weeks.

We are all excited about baby....hubby's over the moon, far more protective than with the other 2....when I was in the first trimester he had a fit if I did anything! Sit down take it easy, you're doing too much etc.etc. He's still bad but has got used to me ignoring him! Both the kids are sooo excited. Have tried to involve them as fully as possible in the pregnancy. They go along to scans, doctors appts. They have been involved in choosing nursery items. Son chose the pram, it was like watching a scene from top gear...he was more interested in the chassis and wheels smile

My only concern is that I stayed home with older 2 until youngest was 2. I now have a job that I love and plan to go back to work when baby is 7-8 months old.

Love the independence of the older kids. I sometimes feel very overwhelmed at the thought of going back to having a baby!

Thhis is me being honest....really looking forward to having baby, it's just that I can still recall not being able to go to the loo without a toddler in tow! The job of being Mum to young children is very demanding with time, money, emotionally. It is a beautiful time but very hard work....Also worried about feeling isolated when baby is very small. We emigrated 6 years ago and have no family in Australia.

But would not change the fact that I am pregnant....
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