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How far along in your Pregnancy were you when you started getting stretch marks? and where abouts on your body did you get them?
I got some on my hips at about 15 weeks when I 'popped' and a few on my boobs at about 20 weeks when they had a huge growth spurt one day but they have faded with bio oil already. no belly ones (yet)
I got them really bad running downward all over my belly from about 15 weeks with minimal growth to my stomach as I had actually lost weight in the 1st trimester due to morning sickness. I also got a few on the outsides of my boobs and inside of my upper arm near armpit (I have no idea what those ones are about) I believe these ones came in at aroun 34 weeks and again I was losing weight in hospital so I think mine were due alot to my skin tightening then expanding over short periods of time. I am trying the Bio Oil on mine and did so through out my pregnancy but I think only time will tell.
They all came on my tummy when I was about 40 weeks pregnant boo sad

i'm not sure how far along i was but i think about 35 or so weeks wheni got stretch marks on my belly i got really little one but so many of them
so my tummy is covered it does not look very nice
I got them everywhere. Probably something to do with the amount of fluid i was carrying. I got some small ones of my hips at 18 weeks. AT 30 weeks I had them on the inside of my thighs. At 35 weeks I got them on my boobs and at 36 weeks I got heaps on my tummmy.As soon as the pre-eclampsia kicked in as did the stretch marks!!! I also got one on my vajayjay after DD was born. gasp I now have the opposite of a brazilan laugh

I havent got any due to pregnancy however I am riddled with them from adolesence! I have some light ones already under my belly button from rapid weight loss but havent gained them anywhere else. Trilogy rosehip oil is amazing to keep the skin gorgeous, I use it religiously though have been abit slack the last couple of days...
With DS, I got my first 3 at week 36, then went to show my friend at week 37 and instead she counted 7.. then from there.. BOOOOOM!! COVERED!! All over and around my belly..

i got more stretchmarks then my mum did after she had 4 and I was 17 and pregnant with no. 1. Nearly got to the end.. **sigh**

With DD I only got two new ones.. at the top of my belly button.. I could tell they were new as they were quite red.
I used bio-oil my entire pregnancy, went from a size 10 to a size 14, was a HUGE pregnant woman, all belly and really really big, and didnt get one stretch mark, now my little girl is 20 months and my belly is better than ever. No excess skin, no stretch marks. I attribute it all to walking every day of my pregnancy, loosing my baby weight slowly with Weight-Watchers and then after i lost the weight, working out at the gym.
i never got any with my first which everyone was shocked because i was a size 6-8 and carried all at the front, just had a huge belly, but went into labour a couple time and would leave with a new one everytime, once i had ds my belly went back to normal and you can only see them if i stand under a likght a certain way, then when i was pregnant with my dd i was the same only when i got my contractions must be something to do with belly tightening, everybody is so diffrent and try not to focus on that stuff they are all just beautiful reminders on what your body has gone through smile
I carried twins to 38 weeks and didn't get any! (I was waiting for them though... I thought I'd get them for sure!) I also breastfed both babies til 7 months and got none on my breasts. I attribute it to luck, Bio-oil twice daily and gentle exercise.
I kid you not, two days before I gave birth, at 39 and 5. I got them round my belly button. Really nasty ones, I had a few on my hips but they disappeared after birth. The belly button ones are still there.

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