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so sick of heartburn Lock Rss

so im 25 weeks and i live a fairly normal healthy life and im a active mum but i still get tormented day and night with heartburn, i had it bad for the last 5weeks of my first pregnancy but for some reason with my 2nd everything has decided to start early! apart from warm milk and honey and quick eze is there anything i can take or do to reduce the severity?
Hi, I too had heartburn throughout my pregnancy, I had never had it before in my life and have not had it since. I eliminated alot of things from my diet [the hardest thing was Marmite for me] and like you drank lots of milk, when I discussed it with my midwife she told me to stop taking Quickeze and gave me a perscription for Mylanta [I think it was]. I would recommend chatting to your MW first.
With my last pregnancy i had it bad and found yoghurt was perfect at getting rid of it. I used the digestive ones work better than normal yoghurts.

I have really bad heartburn as well and never have suffered from it before - apart from drinking milk I haven't found anything else yet to relieve it - hoping it will settle down soon.
Oh I feel your pain!
I had bad heartburn with all 3 of my babies - Tums, milk and ice-cream were my saviours!
MYLANTA or quick ease have a new orange chewy alomost like a lollie which has helpd me as well. i get it from a glass of water sometimes
I have to take quikeze after each meal and sometimes drink!!
Also I drink salvital after food.
Milk does not help me nor does drinking water, everything gives me heartburn!! I am not sure that I could take Mylanta, the last time I tried it made me be sick blink
Chew gum!

Any gum will do. It really works and is much better than taking an antacid (sp?)
hmmm thanks ladies, ill try them all and let you know how it go's
Small meals, Don't drink much fluid with meals, Don't lie down after meals and try putting some bi-carb in a drink of water

im exactly the same im 26 wks 2morrow and heart burn is back with force! i had it with my 1st aswell only thing that works for me is quickeze!tryed gaviscon hated it made me gag lol i dont even have to eat for it ta start, hate it. i find that its worse when i lie flat so always propped up with pillows. i asked my MW what i can do for it n she said try avoid drinking with meals (i cant - have to have a drink when i eat!), she said not to rely on antacids to much as can make it worse in long run or something like that! but would love to know other remedies for it aswell!!
Peppermint mylanta saved me every time.

Had it in the fridge at home and work throughout my pregnancy.

Didn't cause any Ill effects to me or my bub, just offered great relief.

Best of luck.
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