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Stretch marks split open Lock Rss

Hey ladies like the title says has anyone heard of this or had this happen? One of mine has split open I didn't know this was possible should I be worried or is it normal? I still have 4 weeks to go!

Ive heard they can become infected but havent heard of one actually splitting open.

Do you have dry skin? How deep is it?

Might be worth a trip to the GP tomorrow!

Good luck!!
Yep, it happened to me with both my pregnancies from around 7 months. I didn't do anything for it really, just a little sun when I could, fresh air etc. You could try putting some Paw Paw cream on it to sooth and help heal.
My skin is dry and itchy but I oil it daily so I don't understand how it happened, it's kinda like someone just poked it with a knife and it popped

Yep this happened to me just the other day. im 40 weeks today. my tummy just got really itchy and found i was scratching just one spot & when i looked in the mirror i could see the blood vessels had burst underneath the stretch mark. the itchiness went away after an hour or so. it helped me to just rub moisturiser on it and leave to soak in. I had no stretch marks till bub dropped at 38 weeks.
OUCH!!!!! That is making my eyes water just thinking about it!

I'd see your GP and ask what is safe to put on broken skin? Or as pp said Paw paw ointment?
Powder them! That's what advice I've been given to use on mine with this pregnancy. Sounds weird, you would think it goes against the whole purpose of trying to keep your skin soft and supple but apparently it works. In this case it is!

Hope you can find something smile
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