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When to tell work? Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,
When did you tell your workplace you were expecting?
Thankyou smile
I told them at 18 weeks. I think you have to give a certain number of weeks notice before you go on maternity leave, but as long as you do that you can wait as long as you like!
i told my supervisor when i was ten weeks so she could have too much notice LOL so someone could be trained up (about 6 weeks) and ready to replace me by the time I left. Didn't get a replacement for my position until after I had gone! Go figure...I was quite happy not to tell anyone until the last moment.

Hi Ladies,
When did you tell your workplace you were expecting?
Thankyou smile

I told them at 12 weeks but they already knew... my boss had read my emails - another manager made it so obvious he knew. Didnt matter though, I'd only been there 4 weeks when I found out I was up the duff and they still gave me maternity leave smile
i had to tell asap as i worked underground.

sucked as it ment job change to office. but i think once ur past the 12wks your pretty right to tell
My first pregnancy i had to tell my manager when i was 7 and a half weeks why he wanted to know why i was going home early alot.

I told them at 14 weeks. I wanted to have had my 12 week scan and know all was well. by then i was starting to show too so I had to !

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I'm 17 weeks and told work last week. Wasnt planning to tell them for another couple of weeks but my boss assigned me to lead a project which wouldnt be finishing till after my due date so I felt it only fair to tell him. I think I would have had to tell them this week anyway as it turns out as I have popped out all of a sudden over the last few days!
I told my boss at 12 weeks. Wish I had waited tbh as he treated me differently once he knew. I started showing at about 15 weeks though so wouldn't have been able to wait much longer!
I waited till after my downs test once i new all was good then we told everyone.
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