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Low Blood Pressure Lock Rss

Hi :at my last doc apt my blood pressure was way lower then normal, she asked if id been light headed and ii said a bit and that was pretty much it, she didnt seem overly concerner.

Since then i hve been feeling light headed and lethargic more often, i cnt concentrate. Im also havving trouble sleeping, which is so unlike ,e, im usually dead to the world as soon as my head hits the pillow. Im not uncomfortable , im really tired just cnt seem to fall asleep and have strange feelings in my legs...cnt really explain it but almost like borderline pin n needles.....
Has anyone experienced any of these things...could it be to do with low blood pressure?

Im wondering if i should go get it checked again or not, my blood pressure has always been spot on and stay that way all through pregnancy with DS so not sure weather to be worried or not.

2hanks x

yeh id get check out again. tell them you are concerned. and that its not normal for you. pretty much what you said just tell them.
I had exactly the same thing with my 3rd pregnancy, and DD2 is now 2 years old and my blood pressure is still low.
Prior to that pregnancy, normal for me was 120/80. Now it is more like 100/60 or slightly less but this is what the norm is for me now.
No one worries about it, I've spoken to a few doctors about it and about the only thing they say is 'well we don't have to worry about me having a heart attack'.
It is really off putting to be dizzy and have absolutely no energy, or no get up and go! I do know one thing that really helps quite alot is drinking heaps of water, apart from that just keep mentioning it each time you have an appt and tell them it is upsetting you.
You can pop into a chemist any time and request to have your blood pressure taken too, especially when you are preggers smile
How low was it last time it was measured and what is the norm for you?

Thanks for your replies smile

I think i will go to the chemist in my lunch break just to check. My doc apt was 2 weeks ago and i cnt remember exactly what. Is was but top numnber under 100 and bototm was 56 :S im usually spor ot 120/70.

Must be so frutrating feeling like this all the time! Pregnancy is draining enough and feel like im dragging myself throughj each day and dnt hve the energy to enjoy things i usually love :S

Also have zero patience but not sure if thats related..could be just because im so tired, or maybe hormonal? Who knows! Poor DS though my fuse is very very short n he pushes all the right buttons, i feel like a horrible mum!

I have the same symptoms as you! I have my next OB appointment on Wednesday so i am going to ask what they think is going on.. My last appointment was a month ago and my BP was fine but i felt fine..
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