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18 week ultrasound Lock Rss

Just wondering who of you were lucky enough to see the sex of your baby at the 18 weeks scan?

With my daughter she was very cheeky and i didn't get to know until about 26 weeks..

My 18 week scan is on Friday and both fingers crossed that we can see if its a boy or girl....

My 4D ultra sound was at 19 weeks and we were fortunate enough to know we were having a boy. The dr checked again to make sure LOL
we were lucky enough to find out at 14 weeks smile
good luck!
We were given an indication at NT scan (12w3d) of a boy, confirmed at 18 weeks.. so definately possible if bub wants to play the game...

That being said all of my girls had their legs crossed at the 20 week scan - it was only later on they revealed what they were hiding (and can only hope they continue to be shy for the next 30 years or
We were told our bub is a Girl at 18 weeks smile she said 85% sure, she wasnt in the perfect position but. Lady checked about 6 times and always looked like a girl smile have a scan at 32 weeks so hopefully we can double check then!

we found out it was a boy at our scan i was 19 weeks. They couldn't get a perfect look but from what they could see it was a boy. Then i had an OB appointment 3 days later and he did a little scan and he has his legs spread so could see it perfectly LOL.

Good Luck!
We were told at 12 week scan that although she couldn't be 100% she believed it was a girl. Then had an amniocentisis at 17 weeks & she said she believed it was a girl. The amnio results confirmed 100% it was as they check bubs chromosones.
I had my ultrasound at 19 weeks and my Princess had her legs wide open.
99.9% sure she is a girl was what I was told tongue
For our daughter we found out at the 20 week scan that she was a girl and it was confirmed at later scans.

With the boys we found out at 14 weeks and then it was confirmed at 18 weeks by the amnio.

Good luck all just depends on if the little one want to play or be in the right position.

Good luck

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