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3rd baby Lock Rss

this is my 3rd baby and im 24 weeks. i am feeling so big and uncomfortable already. everything i felt in my last trimester with my other two i am already feeling now. i feel like my belly is exploding out of me and i am not sleeping well at night cause i cant get comfy. i keep getting really bad ligament pain, which i got in my last pregnancy but not till 28 weeks along and not this bad. any body else pregnant with their 3rd of has had a 3rd bub and experienced the same things as i am or should i be concerned? smile
Hey I'm pregnant with my 3rd and I totally agree with you. Things just ain't what they used to be and I think you feel it 3rd time round.
i have been definately feeling this one alot more. at the moment i am 20 weeks with number three and i am huge and get people telling me that i must have the dates wrong. i have been getting the ligament pain too and cant get comfy so i truely sympathise. i was wondering the same thing that is this normal put it looks like it is smile

mummy of 3 boys

I am pregnant with my 3rd and I felt exactly like you and these last 3 weeks are dragging for me!! I have been feeling so huge weeks ago!
Yep, I agree with you all. I am now 35 weeks, and have lost count of how many times I have been asked if I am having twins! Even from early on. I have felt evey uncomfortable feeling so much earlier with this one. This old body just aint what it used to be!

3 girls are enough...the shop is now shut!

Seems it's very normal, although uncomfortable & surprising to get the pregnancy 'symptoms' earlier plus with a bit more force. I am expecting our third & am 31wks now. I popped out sooner, had the pelvic joint type pain since about 20wks, trouble sleeping, lots of braxton hicks, HUGE boobs & pains downstairs lol there's more to add to that! Anyway, i am hoping the labour/birth is nice & quick too! Good luck smile

This is my 3rd and I'm having the same issues. I'm not enjoying it at all and I'm only 20 weeks
Well that is good to know that what im feeling is by the sounds of it quite "normal" for the third. all the things i was feeling in my last trimester with my other 2 im feeling now...i feel as though im ready and i still have 16 weeks to go. i have been asked also if im having twins and am now starting to feel a little freaked out that the baby is going to be huge!!
Good luck to all the ladies who are due to have their bubs soon smile
yep it's all normal. I had it all with my 3rd and now I am having my 4th I showed at 6weeks. Im going to get fitted with a support band as Ive also had bronchitis and with the coughing fits Ive pulled the muscles down one side. They say it's bloating and as the muscles have been stretched before (and your body knows what to do) everything happens earlier. I personally want to camp out on the hospital's door as my last labour only took just over an hour tongue
good luck everyone and hopefully our muscles will hold out.
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