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Have you ever been thru this? Lock Rss

Hi ladies...

Im currently 11, nearly 12 weeks pregnant and on saturday just past i had my first midwife appointment.. As i was getting all excited, the midwife was asking questions, i answered them. Then came to the issue of my weight and height. She weighed me, and measured me and put it through the computer then she said........ Sorry you cant have your baby here, you'll need to go somewhere else! Omg! i was horrified, and thinking how can a hospital refuse you?

My weight was 119. and my height was 164 cms so therefore my BMI was 44. their cut off point is 40...

This is not my heaviest and when i have this baby i plan on losing weight.

But are hospitals allowed to do this?..

This was a different hospital to where i had my first child, but i never gained this much weight when i was pregnant. It was after she was born..

I dont know how to feel... Im not embarrassed about my weight. I dont care what people think. but i do know that when ive had my baby i'll lose it.

Sorry ladies but i dont need to be criticized about my weight.

My partner loves me and when i told he he said i wasnt fat. it was nice for him to say that but i know i am...

Thanks for Other comments out there.
Hi, yes they are allowed. I was nearly on the borderline for my hospital to reject me towards the end of my last pregnancy. It's usually smaller hospitals that dont have the intensive care facilities if something goes wrong during labour, especially if you need surgery, as you are higher risk for complications being overweight.

Dont know what to suggest, but know that you aren't the only person this has happened to. They are actually doing it for your safety.
Hey VinDieselsHot, yes they are allowed to, it's written into their policies. They are not covered for insurance if a patient's BMI is over a certain amount. As PP said it is usually smaller hospitals who don't have the intensive care facilities and cannot cover the insanely high insurance costs.
Yes darling they can sad We would NEVER criticise you about your weight!!!!

What the pp said is true. Anaesthetists are wary of epidurals etc on overweight women.

My BMI is 41 and when I lived in a country town I had to see a specialist and they did all kinds of tests on me. Checked to see if my spine was prominent enough and that I had good neck movement and flexibility. I was deemed as fit to birth at their hospital. She said I carried my weight well and she couldn't believe the number on the scale from looking at me smile I don't know if they do that at your hospital but it might be worth looking into.
Aww it must of been a horrible experience for you.
I know it is a bummer but finding a hospital that can cater for emergencies in pregnancy etc may be the best option.
I had a cyst and an ovary removed when I used to be 120 kilos and it was only because they had the right facilities that I could have the surgery there. I guess the same goes with pregnancies?
I used to work in a public hospital that does maternity and they have a 120kg weight restriction (for all patients). If I recall correctly (because it has been a few years now) it was something to do with the bed sizes/limits and the lack of emergency services available at the hospital.

Anyone who exceeded the weight restriction has to go to a larger hospital.

Good luck with your pregnancy!
Its horrible to be told that, isn't it sad

I was told that with my last pregnancy but as PPs have said, it is for your and bubs safety.

Don't worry, just enjoy your pregnancy knowing you will be in the best place for the birth (rather find out now than during wink ) x

Thanks for the replies...

I know its in my and baby's best interest.

But to me its a hospital i just thought all hospitals cater for everyone!

But i know now and ive been referred to the hospital where i had my daughter, now its just the waiting game to get a letter/call from them!

Thanks for the support it means alot..

Oh darling sad Yes, they can refuse you because they may not have the sufficient equipment/staff etc just in case an emergency occurs. But hospitals REALLY need some basic ettique lessons when talking to mums-to-be about that kind of stuff. We're already loaded up on enough hormones as it is and to have a complete stranger basically tell you you're fat when you're pregnant is enough to send us over the edge! Perhaps if she was a bit kinder in her apporach you wouldn't be feeling like this sad Don't worry about her matey - she just hasn't got a clue about how to approach potentially sensitive issues. I think u might have been 'just a number' to her.
Once you get to a certain BMI you're considered to have a "high risk pregnancy" and need to be seen in a high risk pregnancy unit which smaller hospitals don't normally have. Hopefully the other hospital is not too far from where you live huh
BTW there are many mothers your weight or heavier who have great pregnancies and deliver healthy babies with no complications. Hospitals just seem to come up with really stupid policies to cover their ar$es. Pretty soon no one will be eligible to give birth.
OMG i have never heard of this.. That is so bad.
I have heard of this. I have a friend that could only go to the major maternity hospital & no where else for the same reason. It's all based on you BMI apparently. I know it may be hard to not take it personally but they are only doing what is best for you & your baby & be sure you both receive the best possible care : )
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