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Kicks from the outside Lock Rss

Hi ladies!

I was just wondering when could people feel kicks from the outside with their first child?
I know this has probably been answered about 100 times, but I couldn't find the thread >-<
I'm 20+6 at the moment and I was laying in bed the other night and felt the slightest of pops from the outside whilst my little girl was wriggling around. But then she wouldn't do it again!

Thank you! smile
Both of mine I could feel soft kicks (felt strong inside) from the outside at around 19-20 weeks but DP couldnt feel them until 23-24 weeks.
i was about 18ish weeks when i could feel them on the out side first time it happen i was wondering what the heck happened then realised it was my baby lol ha ha it was funny to wacth cause you could see it too smile
inside movement with #1 was 16weeks then i felt a kick on the outside at around 20-21weeks DH didnt feel it until 25ish weeks. all these were earlier with my later pregnancies
I think around 20 weeks for me. Isn't it just the coolest thing! wub
Hubby first felt movements from the outside at 20wks exactly, however, they were hard to feel and not necessarily a daily thing. It took until I was 23wks until it was easy to feel and a daily thing.
I was able to feel babys kicks on the outside at around 16 weeks. at my 18week ultrasound my bub was kicking the ultrasound probe and we all laughed as we watched her kicking the probe to and fro. and DP felt her kicks at 18weeks aswell.. and he felt bigger kicks at 20weeks smile
I was told my placenta is acting like a buffer at the moment so while I can feel strong kicks inside nothing can be felt on the outside because the placenta is at the front. I'm 20 weeks but with bubs #3. With #1 I felt it on the outside around the 20 week + mark.
My partner felt bubs kicking from the outside for the first time the other night so I guess 18ish weeks.
I could feel my son earlier I'm sure of it cos he used to kick a lot harder but I honestly can't remember for sure.

18 weeks with my son.
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