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fallen over Lock Rss

hi ladies i just need some advice i have just had fall so have sat down just to see if i can feel the baby move but all i can feel is braxton hicks dose that count as a movement? i have had a big glass of cold water and something to eat its been almost 20mins and havent felt the baby move

does lying down make it easier to feel movements for you? I tend not to feel as many when I am sitting. Remember bubs are tough and are protected by most things inside X

38 weeks and 2 days

my midwife told me when i fell over to always ring your midwife. they like to monitor bubby just be on the safe side. Yes bubs are protected well but better to get checked to make sure =)
It's scary. I tripped over on the concrete when I was about 35 weeks and it scared the [email protected] out of me. Amniotic fluid is there to help protect baby in such instances, but if you are worried, in pain or bleed then take yourself off to be monitored. It happens a lot though. The falling over, clumsy pregnant woman thing that is.

Hope that you are Okay. If you are worried at all you should ring your hospital and get checked out. I had a fall when pregnant and they advised me to come straight in as even if you feel movement you still need to check and make sure that the baby is not stressed by what happened. Sounds silly I know but better to be safe then sorry. Good luck.

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