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What were your signs of pregnancy? Lock Rss

And how early did you have them?
Just curious about your physical symptoms either before or after you discovered you were pregnant. It seems to vary!
I didnt find out I was preg till 7 weeks, and had terrible morning sickness before then! I actually quit working as my doctor put it down to a "paint allergy" (I was a spray painter at the time, and he asked if I was preg and I said no so he never tested!).
But yea, the morning sickness was the biggest thing for me. I was spending DAYS in bed, puking, almost passing out, all that fun stuff. But it passed at around 13 weeks. Oh, and rock hard, sore boobs lol I dont remember anything else
i didn't really have any symtoms i just felt pregnant i was talking to my friend who was pregnant and i said i think i am pregnant too a few days later i took a test and i was 4weeks pregnant
First pregnancy I didn't find out until 6 weeks (she was a surprise) when I went to the doctors and had to get xrays done. I told the dr that I thought I was a bit late but couldn't really remember so he tested and what do you know. I remember having a couple of dizzy spells before I found out.

Second pregnancy I had sore boobs and dizzy spells. I knew I was pregnant from about two weeks just from how I felt.
Its funny how every pregnancy is very different.... For me anyway..

When i was pregnant with my first, i had morning sickness for about the first 2 months. nothing unusual. i had a perfect pregnancy. through out my first pregnancy i went to my midwife only once a month, even towards the end. thats how perfect my pregnancy was. I also had the sore nipples/boobs.

Then my second pregnancy, i had no symptoms. Right from the start i knew something was different. I lost that baby 2 days shy from 12 weeks..

This pregnancy im 13 weeks and 6 days, ive had the morning sickness which lasted all day, the dizzy spells which lasted a week. And now i can finally play with my 18 month old daughter. Oh and finally do housework!
I also have the sore nipples. and now my feet are starting to hurt.

So with this pregnancy i feel this is very different and normal from my second.
I had bad cramps, like just before I get my period, but they lasted 2 weeks. And I started to crave salt, which I never ever eat. Also started to dry reach when brushing teeth and around raw meat. And this was all before I found out I was pregnant! Next time will be interesting!

I didn't get the sore boobs or tummy or anything like that. I was STARVING all the time. Couldn't stop eating. And really tired. That was with DS.

With DD I was sick from about 6 weeks up until 9 months!!

And how early did you have them?
Just curious about your physical symptoms either before or after you discovered you were pregnant. It seems to vary!

With my son I only found out as I went on some rides at the show and felt sick, unusual reaction for me so took a test and wow!No other symptoms for him. This time round I knew before I tested as was nauseous 24/7 tired and had sore boobs. Def dif for both pregnancies smile
Mine were exactly the same as my period symptoms. 5 days before my period was due I got sore boobs like clockwork, then 3 days before they were due I started getting period pain, again like clockwork. So just assumed that we had lucked out that month. I didn't get morning sickness as such, didn't throw up once, but was pretty queazy all the time, and hideously tired, by about 6 weeks.
My first pregnancy i was about 4 weeks and hubby said your pregnant i know you pregnant. He look at my boobs. I felt sick and i did a test when i was about 5 and a half weeks. Morning sickness hit me hard i had it till i was 16 and a half weeks.

My second pregnancy i just knew i was and again morning sickness hit me and it lasted till i was about 28 weeks or 30 weeks.

I had sore boobs for both pregnancy and notice the veins coming up over them.

With ds1 I knew about 2 weeks before I could even take a test. My boobs were sooooo sore and I had bad period pain type cramps. Then at 6 weeks morning sickness kicked in till about 12 weeks.
With ds2 I had that awful metallic taste and all day sickness from 5 weeks till 15.

I felt SO tired between 4-5 weeks. And like some of the other ladies I just had a feeling...
Also I craved mega high energy foods like big bowls of cheesey pasta!
MS kicked in around week 7 but I had already taken a test by then.
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