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What were your signs of pregnancy? Lock Rss

with my first pregnancy i didnt any symptoms and didnt find out till i was about 9 weeks and this pregnancy im only 6/7 weeks ( dating scan on friday yipieee) and ive had everything when i found out about 3-4 weeks i had sore boobs and really sensitive nipples the first thing now i have morning sickness all day, smells make me gag, headaches and headaches.
I was late!

I have always been a 28 day girl. It's very unusual for me to have a 29day cycle. Each pregnancy was planned and I fell pregnant first go almost each time so it was kind of obvious.

The next symptoms were usually feeling dizzy light headed if I hadn't eaten for some time!

with DD1 i had really sore boobs, (worked on a dairy farm)i had to hold my boobs while driving the motor bike they were that sore! started spewing couple days b4 my period was due thought it was a nasty bug (she was a surprise!) 2 days late went to doctor what u know test positive! had morning sickness so bad till 16 wks had to finish my job couldnt do anything!

DD2 we were trying, 4 wks missed period postive test! no morning sickness as such this time just exhausted and queezy for a few wks and boobs were sorte again!
With DD I was sooooooooo tired, I was going to bed at 7.30pm! My boobs were sore and I was also really queasy (but it was Easter time so I put it down to too much chocolate!) When AF didn't arrive at day 28 I started to get suss, lol!

This time my boobs were killing me! We were trying and I tested super early and got a positive, so I knew well before any other symptoms kicked in.
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