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Late third trimester ? Lock Rss

I was talking to the obstetrician today and he told me my fluid was getting low because baby is term and I asked him if that was why I was hearing what sounded like air bubbles? He said yes.

So my question to you is: Do you hear what I can only describe as air bubbles in your belly too?
i didnt hear bubbles but when DF put his ear to my tummy he could!
Im not in 3rd trimester, but i know what u mean I had some of my homemade potato salad today and after it I heard alot of air bubbles around in my stomach which has taken a long time through out the day to end up passed as gas!!! haha sorry if TMI!!

Yes i can. Wow didnt know what it was thou.
My tummy always gurgled..But i never heard the air bubbles. I did feel them though

I get a random 'pop' every now and then and was told by my midwife its my diaphram.
Guess with less room it makes a pop when it flexs just like knees and hips etc.

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Maybe 'air bubbles' isn't the right way to phrase it, but I think most of you got what I meant. It's a weird noise and/or sensation in the belly. But when I mentioned this to OB, he knew exactly what I meant.

A popping diaphram...I hadn't thought of that. Maybe that's why I feel a sting under my sternum after going for a moderate walk. I'm not panting, but my breathing is a wee bit heavier. There's not much room inside!

I just notice a lot of the time the bubbly sound/sensation seems to come when resting in the evening.
I had what I could only describe as a crackling pop rocks (popping candy stuff) sort of sound when I was pregnant with DS.
OB didn't know what it was but said lots of women say the same thing.
It started quite early on and everyone could hear it.

Got it again this time and I still have no idea what it is blink
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