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Possibly TMI Lock Rss

Since Thursday morning I have been feeling really groggy in my tummy. It's been sending me to the toilet a fair bit. On Thursday I went 6 times, Friday I went 5 and I just woke up today and have been twice already. It's fairly loose stools and I find myself running to the loo in public, which is very annoying when I'm out trying to buy things for bubs!
I was wondering if diarrhoea can harm your baby at all, if anyone else has experienced it and if I should wait for it to pass or see my GP?
Thank you unsure
Hi there,
I don't think you have too much to worry about. I had a tummy bug and my midwife said it would all be okay. I was vomiting and groggy belly. the whole 10 yards! I was one of those 1st time pregnant mums and was ringing family members etc at least every 2 days smile I think as long as baby is still kicking and wiggling about you should be fine. If you're too worried contact your doctor and just ask them what they think. I don't think it's anything to rush to the doctor about but a phone call could help ease your worries.

Good luck!

Best to speak to your Dr or midwife. The main thing is to make sure you dont get dehydrated.
Okay thanks girls! <3

Im 26weeks pregnant and just had a stomach bug or something like that. Binding foods are the best way to clog it up. Bananas, watery rice and dry crackers, just google it or go ask the chemist. Good luck i hope it gets better it took me till sunday to get over it had it since wednesday night.
I had that problem in my first tri into my second and it cleared up. Drink plenty of water and make sure you are eating fresh veg and fruit ect. If it continues and you get worried inform the midwife or doctor and they can give you a check up if needed.

I ended up in hospital a couple of weeks ago having every test under the sun and one was to see if there was a bowel problem which can occur . One question was about going to the loo so yer it's always best to ask for info.
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