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Hey everyone
So I seen my midwife today and she done an internal exam (never had one with my first till I was in labour) she also done a stretch and sweep while she was there. She said I was 3cm dilated and very soft but bubs still not engaged, since I had it done (about 11:30) I have been having a lot of pressure downwards, she did say I could bleed a bit aswell. It's now 7pm still bleeding and really bad irregular Braxton hicks, so my question is do you think it's worked and this will turn into real labour? And when should I stop bleeding from it?

Oh im not too sure at all....I just came on to refer u to another thread, there has been a few on this topic and I think that is why u have no replies yet see link below:

It might, or it might not wink

I had 4 stretch and sweeps and had braxton hicks and lost the plug but it never eventuated into labour. Doesn't mean it won't for you though!!

Good luck!
When I had a stretch and sweep I went into labour in the next few hours - worked a treat for me.

I had a stretch and sweep (almost more painful than the birth) at 11am on the Tuesday, had a slight amount of bleeding for an hour or so and then nothing till I started getting labour pains at 11pm that night. Bub was born naturally at 7am the next day. I was 7 days overdue so it worked for me!!
I had 1 at around 330pm and started getting pains around 630pm by 11pm they were 5-6 min apart went 2 hospital and had bub at 213am smile so it worked 4 me good luck smile
It work for me with bubs #2. If things don't progress or you feel worried just give the midwife a call and explain everything to her and they will let you know if you need to stay home or go in hun. Good Luck
I was well and truly over due, but my S&S didnt do anything for me...
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