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im 16w preg with #3 and have hardly any energy, what i do have i use to clean with and then its gone. its nuts!
I feel like my 2 kids are missing out, i feel like im not making a good enough effort with them. rather than going outside to play, my 4yr old watches movies all the time and my 2yr old wonders round happily but i just feel terrible all the time and even in saying that, i still cannot bring myself to make an effort. my partner works stupid hours so cant always rely on him to do everything for me!
this pregnancy is just wiping me out, i used to be happy and healthy and fun but now im the opposite of all 3!
thanks for reading, needed to get it out x
Hi Don't feel like a bad mum your just lacking in energy which is understandable your growing a baby as well as taking care of 2 children and the house. Do you think you could be iron deficient?
Maybe if you start to do just one thing with the kids each day you will feel like you are doing more for them. Maybe stuff like some art and craft, cooking, kicking the ball around in the backyard or even just going for a walk to the park with them. Is there a hobby you may like to start and then you would have fun doing something for yourself.Maybe get the kids to help while you tidy the house and make it fun and then you would be doing more with them while getting things done,
Big hugs to you. Your not the first mum to let their kids watch movies or entertain themselves. xxx
hi, I was you and feeling the way you were, particularly the guilt about not being a good enough mummy to my older kids. PLease dont beat yourself up, it will pass.

As the PP mentioned, turned out I was low in iron and B12 so had supplements and B12 shots to get my enrgy levels up. It may be worth asking your Gp/ midwife about getting your iron levels tested. Drinking plenty of water is also helpful, particularly as the weather is starting to get so hot and humid.

With your kids, anything you can do with them they will enjoy. SOmetimes I would just lie down on the floor and watch TV, have cuddles and tickles, tell stories, look at books etc. This way you get to rest too!!

Good luck, you are doing a great job smile

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

Hi! I am feeling the same way! Dont worry, its such a short amount of time in the scheme of things, you will be back to energetic Mama soon enough - Maybe use this time to do reading and "sitting" activities with the kids? Good idea as the PP said, check your levels etc..but in no time, things will be back to normal and your kids will have a new baby to play with grin

I'm pregnant with #3 ( 24 weeks ) and have just gone from the nesting stage of having lots of energy to do everything to having no energy. I feel bad that I don't have the energy to keep up with my boys right now but have explained to them that I'm worn out at the moment because the baby is getting bigger and it makes me want to rest a lot. They seem to understand most days.
I have a similar problem. I'm 36 weeks preg and I've had morning sickness (with 4 months of hyperemesis chucked in there) and I feel bad about "neglecting" my 1.5yo DS. Most days I can't get out of bed, and if I do, its to the bathroom or couch. I do all the usual stuff for him, food, nappies etc. My DF works shift work and stuff so he does what he can but he struggles too.
I just sent DS away for a few days to MILs, which I know he will love. DF has a 6yo brother and he and my DS have a ball together, plus she lives near the beach. But I feel so selfish because my reason for sending him away is so I can rest, sleep-in, etc. DF says its not selfish and that he's having a great time but I feel like a bad mum.
your so not alone! i feel like a bad mum to atm im 31wks and have zero energy or get to sore or tired quick when i try to do something fun with my DD, i end up having to just lye on the couch while she plays and brings her toys to me - feel so guilty sad and now summers practicaly here and hot already i just feel huge and over heated! going to get my DD a pool as she loves water and then i can just lie in it with her!! so dont worry your not a bad mum we all feel guilty or like we dont do enough at some point i know i do but i just gotta memba pregnancy goes fast then il be back being a fun mum again!
Wow, your post reads just how my life is at the moment! I have zero energy most days and feel massive guilt when I am too tired to play with my kids (have a 4 yr-old and a 2 yr-old aswell). It's hard work being pregnant and running around after one or 2 other little ones! And my DH works strange hours at the moment too so essentially I'm doing most of it myself. I just try and keep up the kids' usual weekly activities so that way they're not missing out on fun things, and luckily my DS is at kindy 5 days a week - it's just when he gets home and wants to play play play and I feel so exhausted!!

Sorry, my post didn't really help but I just wanted to tell you you're not the only one! grin

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