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When did you start "showing" with 2nd and 3rd child? Lock Rss

Hello, I am 9 wks pregnant with our second baby. My normal weight is around 57-60kgs, and I am short. I'm not over weight but I've NEVR had a flat stomach! Always had a bit of a rounded tum. Anyway I feel like my tummy is expanding already, clothes aren't fitting, feel bloated. tummy sticks out a lot.Our first child is 11 months, I breastfed her for 7 months, which ate away the post baby weight.
I am wondering if it's true that you start showing sooner after your first child or am I maybe just getting tubby!
Hi There,
I found with my #2 i was showing very big, very fast at around 8 weeks i was the same as a cousin who was 4 & 1/2 months but now im pregnant with #3 and have only just popped out and im 17 weeks.
Embrace it smile

Ive always been a very small person, a size 8, and I didnt really 'pop' until halfway with #1. #2 was much sooner, probably around 12 weeks but this time around I was already looking pregnant at 6-7 weeks. Im 11 weeks now and look like I did at halfway with my first! Im a little worried about how big Im going to get! laugh
Thanks ladies, it's hard because I know people are looking at me funny and I can see what's going though their minds!I'm not overly worried about keeping it a secret til the first trimester is over, luckily as I don't think I will beable to.
I guess it just shows that we are all different, thanks so much for replying to my post.
I am pregnant now with my second and i think i showed around 12-13 weeks was so early i couldnt believe it.
I started showing quite early with #2 and this one, around 9-10 weeks (although some family members would say I'm crazy and wasn't showing at all!).

Non-pregnant, I'm a size 8 and about 57 kgs (not tall either). tongue

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