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Mixed Feelings Lock Rss

Hi All,
Im am 19 weeks today, and going for my scan on Monday coming. I am having very mixed feelings at the moment. As I have been waiting a good couple of weeks now for this scan, and was really excited about me seeing bub again and finding out that everything is going as it should be. But now that it is less than a week away I have got very nervous and worried. I am trying not to think about it and not to worry but its harder than I thought. Has anyone else experienced this?

I would say most of us have. It is super exciting thinking about seeing bub and finding out the gender until it is here and then all that goes away and all you can think off is i hope there is nothing wrong with my baby!

Well that is what i was like anyway!
Cheers for your reply, I'm just trying to stay positive about the whole thing, as I have bad luck before. Hope all is going well for you smile
Yes it's normal due to hormonal imbalance. Just enjoy the moment and think of your baby. smile
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