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How much weight had you gained by 26 weeks? Lock Rss

Just wondering how much weight some of you have/had put on in your pregnancies? And what was the amount at 26 weeks (if you can recall)?

I am 26 weeks now and jumped on the scales today - have put on at least 10 kgs....possibly 11. I feel that's too much, given I still have another 14 weeks to go, and that the majority of pregnancy weight is usually gained in the last trimester?

I know I'm not really helping in keeping the weight gain at a minimum by eating too much of the wrong foods and not exercising at all (apart from a little bit of walking). tongue But still - it's piling on too fast in my opinion!

Thanks in advance for your replies. smile

i am 24 weeks and 3 days, and have gained 10 kg (to date)
it sounds like a lot, but if you were to look at me, i don't look pregnant from behind, no swelling of hands, feet or face. so the 10 kilos is all belly. i guess it adds up.
you could also start walking, or swimming (now that it is warmer), if you feel you are putting on too much. but with my first daughter, i put on 20 kilos exactly, and got down to a smaller size after having her, than i was before falling pregnant.
so what i am saying is, even though the kilos sound high, it's fluid, placenta, baby, and other things.

godd luck
I am about the same.... but also my boobs have gone up a few sizes to now like a 12ff - g lol so i put some of the blame on that ...I think i put on 20kgs last time but thing is my body never looks like it puts any on it is just the belly....I lost it all last time so fast im not worried!! as breastfeeding seems to get it all off so fast!!

Im so uncomfortable now and feel like i cant breathe well in any position...getting over it! LOL

I'm 26 weeks and I weighed myself a few days ago and I was 67.7kgs. I was 58 I think or 57 when I first found out I was pregnant so I have gained about 10kgs also. I think with DS1 I gained 16/17kgs and with DS2 it was about 17kgs. It's hard to believe we only have 14 weeks left. It has flown past so quickly. I can't wait to hold him in my arms grin

Im at 31 weeks and have only put on 6kg, I have been eating so much food but dont seem to be putting much on. I do hydro therapy 3 times a week but thats all because im unable to go on walks due to bad cramping and back pain. I started off at about 58kg and im now 64kg so im not a big person either. Sometimes I worry that I should put on more but my baby is doing well and is measuring a week infront so I guess it cant be too bad. I would highly recommend looking into hydro though for some fitness, Its such a great workout and you dont feel any of your weight at all!
I'm unsure what I weighed by 26wks but was weighed yesterday for the first time in ages & at 36wks I'm 68.5kg though I started this pregnancy at 51kg!!! I am still in size 10 clothes but my tummy is huge & boobs have gone up to a 10f/g! smile

I'm currently 25 wks and have put on 4.5kgs so far. Can't remember what I was at the same time with DS#1, but i only put on 9kgs the whole of that pregnancy.
It depends on how big you are to start with too. I'm usually a size 14-16 so for me I think the recommended weight gain is between 10-15kgs for the whole pregnancy. Smaller women usually put on more and are expected to.
Oh my oh my.. i think this is my big problem. The weight that I've gained. My original weight was 135lbs now I am weighing 185 lbs.. Lot's of weight that need to loss after pregnancy. Help..... sad
I'm now 25 weeks & 3 days and have only put on 3kg. I walk about 3km per day so I'm getting lots of exercise, although I eat lots of junk at the moment. With my first bub I only gained 12kg. Everyone is friend gained 40kg when she was pregnant with her daughter, so I wouldn't worry too much lol smile
i hit the 42 week mark on sunday! overall ive gained 30kg!! started at 50kg, most of that was in the 2nd trimester, after the morning sickness wore off i was eating HEAPS.. not so much gain in the 3rd trimester (about 5kg all up)as my appetite evened out, dont worry about it now anyway... worrying about a number on the scales is the least important thing right now..
I am 27 weeks this coming Saturday and so far i have gained 5kg. I haven't changed that way i eat since finding out and have actually surprised myself that this is all i have put on. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.
I had gained around 10 kilos too by that stage.
My bub is now just over 2 weeks and I am eating healthy and exercising and the weight is coming off..
Don't be too stressed with putting on weight during pregnancy, it is all normal and will come off grin
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