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Over this pregnancy... Lock Rss

I love being pregnant, I do.. But for some reason I just want this baby out!!
I'm 35 weeks and this is my 4th pregnancy.

I'm feeling pretty crappy.. I feel SO big.. sad
I've barely been there for the kids lately.. shooing them off to watch TV or play with their toys.
The house is an absolute mess.
I've barely been out of the house the past few days...
I'm snappy with DH over the most stupid things..
I wasn't like this with my other pregnancys and I'm not sure if it's just me being hormonal & stressed or what.. sad

I will admit it hasn't been the easiest pregnancy.. Horrible morning sickness majority of the time, a few health scares early on.. But I have had the times where I have absolutely loved being pregnant!

Has anyone else felt like this?

Sorry I feel horrible for complaining about such little things..
me!!!!! I feel exactly the same.

This is my 3rd pregnancy, and I am really struggling too. I can't bend down, and where do kids make a mess?? down!! so i feel like a terrible housewife atm. I'm so tired, and I feel like I'm not doing anything fun with the kids.

so, i know how you feel. On the up side, we don't have long to wait smile (that's my attempt at being positive lol )

Me too. Number three and the first two were so good. This time round I am just hoping that bubs comes early. I haven't had morning sickness didn't with any of mine but I have had a case of gastro, I tore a cartilage in my knee (great fun being 7 and a half months pregnant and on crutches) and then I had flu which lasted for 4 weeks. Poor kids are suffering as we have done very little of late. Just keep telling myself it won't be long now. Taking evening primrose oil and rasberry leaf to hopefully bring bubs on a bit earlier and telling bubs every day that anytime now would be a good time to be born.
Good luck hope it goes fast for you

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Thanks ladies. smile
I'm feeling a little better this morning..

I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one feeling like this.

Yes I can't bend down either.. -I'm even struggling to bend and pick DD2 up..

Thankfully today I have a lovely DH who is going to let me spend the day in bed while he cleans the house.. cool
-I'm thinking a few kiddy movies snuggled up in bed with my littles should make up for my lack the past week.

Gastro is horrible on it's own without being pregnant!
Oh no. I hope your all better now! -I broke my ankle while 6 months pregnant with DS3 and was on crutches for several months..

I keep telling myself it's not long now.. Not long and I will meet this amazing little person..
I guess when I have this little one in my arms, happy & healthy I'm going to know that all this has been worth it.. wub

I hope you both can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. smile

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