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pain in/on c-sec scar Lock Rss

Hi there i have had 2 c-sections previously, am preg with #3 and have been having sharp burning pain where my scar is, sometimes happens randomly, sometimes when i sneeze etc..
never experienced any pain with preg #2.
has anyone else had pains or anything during pregnancy, did you get it checked out or assume its jsut everything stretching inside so might be abit tender?
Hi smile
I would call your midwife and run it past her. It may be just stretching pains but it's better to be sure. Also do you know where the placenta is situated? Because that can cause pain if it's near your internal scar.
How many weeks are you now? Hope everything goes well.
Skipp and the Greek, thats a good little test, and makes sense!!
im nearly 19weeks, have to get my referral for scan this week so ill ask then anyway but i imagine it is just stretching.. hopefully lol
Mum2Em&Madi i thought the same for a sec but my belly still smallis so cant be that bad yet lol.
I LOVE MY BABIES - my placenta was anterior at the 12wk scan so i dont know if it has moved or not yet until my scan next week, i didnt realise it could cause pain but thats something to look into too!! off to doc on Friday smile
thanks for the words of wisdom ladies smile
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