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Subchorionic Bleed?? Lock Rss

ok so i went on tuesday and got ultrasound done saw baby and 146bpm... measuring 6 weeks and 5 days i picked up report and it says:

" This is an obstertrics ultrasound which demonstrates a single live intrauterine gestation with a crown-rump length of 8.3mm, consistent with 6 weeks 5 days. the yolk sac is present. There is a good decidual reaction. However, there are 2 foci of small subchorionic bleeds, one superior to the site measuring 9 * 7 * 20mm and a further one inferior to the site measuring 11*4*18mm. they are small. the foetal heart rate is 146bpm. the adnexa define normally."

what are these bleeds? what do they mean? why are they bigger than the baby? has anyone experienced this and went full term? please heellllppp sad unsure


I had a subchorionic bleed with my second child at 13 weeks. I started bleeding, and freaked out! They sent me for an ultrasound and said I had a subchorionic bleed. I stopped bleeding after a few days and everything was fine after that. Had my boy at 36 weeks, one week in special care nursery and then we were home. Wish u all the best, I'm sure everything will be fine. smile
Yer I had one with my middle DS. It had resolved itself by 11 weeks and my DS was born 38 weeks. Shouldn't be a problem for you hun. I even went to the hospital because I actually bleed and thought I was loosing the baby.

Take care and hope all goes to plan.
It's actually a little blood clot on or around the placenta. I had a couple with my DD, I had a little bleeding during my pregnancy which freaked me out, but they resolved themselves by the time I had my 20 week scan and my DD was delivered heathily at full term.

subchorionic bleeds are essentially blood clot type things in the womb, separate from the egg sack. I had one when pregnant with DS and when my dr was explaining it to me he said that they probably occur when the baby implants into the side of the wall, his theory was that a blood vessel didn't attach properly at first so some blood was sent out into the womb rather than flowing between mum and the egg sack. The blood sort of 'groups' together to form the bleed that can be seen in the ultrasound.

I found out about mine after I experienced spotting for 2 weeks followed by a sudden blood loss (which then continued for 4 weeks). The bleeding didn't effect DS but caused me huge stress because for the first little while I didn't know what was causing it. After mine was identified I was told that it would either be absorbed back into the body or expelled gradually causing bleeding.

If you are concerned, definately see your dr to ask for some professional advice as I'm just remembering what was said to me over 2 years ago but they don't have to be a cause for concern and it is certainly possible to go on to have a healthy full term pregnancy.

wow didnt think id get that many replies especially with great endings i really hope mine ends well too. my doctor said for me to do another u/s in 2 weeks to make sure that the clots are going down in size... it just never seems to end all the worrying and waiting first with hcg levels not rising well now this! arrggghhh sometimes i wish we would just get preg one day and give birth the next lol , i havent experienced any bleeding but will i have to bleed in order for these clot things to decrease in size or disapear completley??


I haven't had one but I know people that have. They do raise the risk of miscarriage a little but if picked up early with proper care, monitoring and lots of rest they often resolve themselves by around 16 weeks. One of my friends only rested for a couple of weeks when the bleeding completely stoped she decided she'd be fine to walk on her own accord so went about her normal way (she walks everywhere normally). Well she started bleeding again a week or 2 later and she ended up having bubs early at 26 weeks. He's home now and never had a problem.
These are often referred to as subchronic heamorages if you google about it you'll get a better idea. Everyone else I have known whos had one has rested and carried to term or near enough.
Hello! I hope all goes well for you.
My first trimester (and most of my second) was very scary. I started out with an implantation bleed, didn't think much of it BUT at 7weeks (ultrasound actually determined that I was 5weeks, not 7weeks - go figure! lol) I had a massive bleed and was admitted to hospital - thought I was losing the baby. Scan showed that there was a heartbeat, the sac was intact and the bleed was coming from my uterus wall. My bleed too was larger than the sac at the time.
I continued to bleed every 3-10days until about week 16 of my pregnancy - though less and less each time.
I had to be admitted to hospital most times as the doctors wanted to monitor baby and me because these bleeds can be fatal to the mums. (Don't mean to panic you).
I'm happy to say that I am now 29weeks and baby has been fine since day one. I haven't noticed any further bleeding since about 16weeks and my 19week scan showed that the bleed had completely healed.
I understand your anxiety's - reading those reports can scare the hell out of you because they use fancy words that sometime sound worse than they are.
Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy:)
The report from my 12 week ultrasound sound with my thrid child said that I had a subcronic heamorage. Didnt bleed or anything, and was gone by my 19 week scan.

I had the same thing with my last son. I bled on and off to about 16 weeks then by my 20 week scan it had gone. Was worrying with the bleeding but now have a soon to be 3 year old!
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