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Eww, possible TMI Lock Rss

For the past few days now I have been getting a white discharge underneath my clitoral hood, at first I thought it was Thrush but it's not coming out of my actual vaginal opening, only around my urethra area. My clitoris is swollen from when I've been itching it or cleaned it. So yeah it basically looks like Thrush, just in that one spot! What could it be?! sad
It sounds like thrush. If in doubt..see a doctor wink
iv had that white foamy like but is discharge stuff for a while this is my 2nd ppregnancy so im just guessing everythings coming early :/ but if it is itchy and swollen best you see a doctor most liekly it is thrush and youl have it cleared up smile
i would try some canasten cream and take some probiotics anyway. it wont hurt you or bub- def sounds like thrush to me

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