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Just wondering Rss

Hi all... im starting to wrry about what its going to be like once i get home with my bub. Im worried that i'll never get alone time with my baby cause everyone will be wanting to help. I know they're just offering to lend a hand but my friends already act like i don't have a family of my own and keep asking to babysit or kind of acting like my baby is their baby. I know they're desperate to have children themselves as they dont have any. Am i being rude or over protective? This is my first baby and i just dont want to play 'pass the parcel' with him.
I'm not being mean, but i don't think your friends know what you are about to go through. Also this may sound really mean, horrible and nasty but you may also find out that some of your friends will put their noses where it is not wanted.

Just turn around and inform them that you appricate their willingness but you will not be ready for them to take care of the baby for quite some time, as you and baby have to adjust to taking care of the child.

If you ahve to tell them that you are fine withthem visiting but to call before as thisway you and bub will be awake and this way they also will find out if bubs is ok or if he/she is to sick for visitors at the time. Your not being over-protective or rude, it's your child and you have to takecare of it, esp if it get too used to being handled. that is something you definatly want to avoid.

little monkeys

Hi Denae,

I agree that you're not being rude, simply state to any visitors that you are trying to establish a routine; I never let anyone wake my baby to have a hold.

I know it can be taken the wrong way by some but let them know the baby will wake soon enough and they can have a hold then. Put you foot firmly down and set the rules from the day you come home from hospital.

I think you'll find that once your friends realise it's not all 'cute babies' and that hey they spew, cry for no apparent reason and poo everywhere the novelty will wear off and you will be left to your own devices. I must mention that babies are very worth it and the rewards far outweigh the screaming, pooing and spewing!!! LOL!!!!!!

I think it's important that you lay down the law because once you are on your own, you aren't going to be able or want to hold bubs 24/7 because everyone has constantly handled him/her.

Good luck, I hope it helps

Jo, DD 7yrs dance addict; little man 13 months

Hi There

I completely understand how you feel. I am due in 5 weeks and also a first time mum. I am feeling over-protective too, not only with friends but the Grandparents - my mum is a bit over the top and I am scared she will try and take over, isn't it an awful feeling. I've had friends say once the baby is here, after a while you will welcome the help, but while you don't have your baby, all you think about is how scary its going to be learning about your baby & how everyone is going to want to be playing with it. I understand how you feel!!

I think there is plenty of time to play with bub later, it's not as though they can do much with a newborn anyway. I have decided to just be firm & tell people if they are unwelcome. There's lots happening with you and your baby in the first few weeks, so take your time and dont' be pushed or taken over by other people - it's your baby!!

Goodluck =)

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