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Just curious, Lock Rss

that the pregnancy might not make it?

Morbid subject I'm sorry. Had a rough week at work - 2 miscarriages, one an early one, another at 16 weeks. And the worst thing I've ever had to watch happening is a mum that had a 19 week old baby die in utero.

She had to go through the labour and deliver the baby.... I've not seen anything like it, it was a horrific experience for all the staff so I can't even begin to imagine how awful for the parents it is.

I feel guilty that I'm pregnant - and now constantly paranoid that things arn't going to work out. After this week I've heard countless stories of women losing their babies at 22, 26 and even 36 weeks. It's horrifying!

Do you think about it?

I did when I was pregnant with DD. I had nightmares about it sad
Yes i think about it, it's scary. SIL gave birth to her baby at 20 weeks the same day i gave birth to DS3 and it freaked the crap out of me.

Even now as much as this wasnt planned i would be gutted if we lost them sad
When I was pregnant with dd, I used to get worried if I didn't feel her move for a while but then she'd move and I'd just about slap myself for worrying. I'm actually worse now I've had her! I have these horrible thoughts (especially while driving!) of things that could happen, but are not likely too!

Yep, I worried about it.
Not as much with DS and DD1, more of a "what if".
Then between DD1 and DD2 my best friend lost her little boy at 36 weeks and delivered him stillborn. It was absolutely awful. So after that it was constantly on my mind.

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

i was with DD but more so with this bub but for a good reason.

I had a dating scan at 6weeks+3 and thought it went well, 2 days later i get a call at 8pm at night from my doctor saying the ultra sound showed bad news...that bub had a slow heart beat and i should expect to pass the baby in the next few days....she was pretty blunt about it sad

i waited a week and nothing, so booked in to see her and she re-referred me for another scan, and we had a different person scan us, and the radiographer was soooooo good, she checked the heart serval times and said it was perfect!!!

we are now 34 weeks and he is kicking me like a champion!!

but that scare at the start has really stuck through the whole pregnancy sad as we were TTC and really didn't want the worst to happen (not that anyone ever does) but i wanted this pregnancy sooooooooo bad!!!

Even had a physio tell me today that 96% of pregnancies don't make it, most of those the woman doesn't even know she is pregnant and it's just the natural selection process....

Not sure how truthful that is, but what a thing to say to a pregnant woman!!!!


It's all freaking me out really. Glad I'm not the only one!

Definitely sad

It was worse with DD but it's still happening with this 2nd, but I am alot more relaxed and enjoying this pregnancy cos there's not much else I can do! Got the 18week scan tomorrow so hoping everything comes up fine!!

Sorry for everything you've seen Chalys, that's rough x

Yep every day, especially because I'm so early.

My doctor told me not to expect too much and that it was highly likely I would miscarry. Not really the nicest thin to say to a pregnant woman Even though the statistics support him.

Not ever with DS though...dunno why.
I do a fair bit, but try not to let it get me down. SIL lost her baby from placenta coming away at 36wks very suddenly and she nearly died herself from heamorraging (sp?) I visited her and saw the baby, so perfect yet still. I often wonder why do some babies die and others don't? Why should I be so lucky to have 2 pregnancies and 2 healthy babies? I wonder one day if it will be my turn to have a horrible tragedy. But if you live in fear like that then you can't enjoy your life, so I try not to worry about it too often sad

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

my mum worked on a labour ward during my pregnancy with my ds.... there was a month when there was like 4 feotal deaths and all of them were 20+ weeks. mum ended up taking a few weeks off from working in the ward as she ws feeling really affected by it. for a while i was concerned and did have morbid thoughts but it did pass.

i do remember though whilst waiting for one of my midwife appt's i was reading a mag in the waiting room and there was a story in there about dr harrys daughter. she went into labour at full term... bub was perfectly healthy up until then and i think they did monitor her when she first arrived in hospital but the baby passed away during labour. it really shook me and i do remember paying alot of attention to my monitors when i was in labour.

it would be one of the worst things imaginable, and i would not wish it on my worst enemy. i really feel for anyone that has had to go through such a terrible thing.
I didn't think of it the first time either. I wonder if it's because we've led the fancy free life and are blissfully unaware or don't take much notice of what others are going though - because we can't relate to it at that point in time.

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