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Just curious, Lock Rss

4almost5 that would be so hard!

I never thought about anything like this with DD1 but I was worried up till 12 weeks with DD2 as I had no signs or sympotms that I was pregnant. Just after I fell pregnant with these two tho, my best friends SIL went into labour at 40wks and her precious little boy was still born. She'd only been checked by her OB 3 days before and everything was perfect. Since then I have been a bit paranoid every day and if I don't feel one of the twins move for more than a day I go get checked by one of my doctors. I feel a bit stupid when they get the portable ultrasound and everything is fine but my doctors are really good and say that we're better off checking and setting my mind at ease than having me stressing out over it.

Hoping everything goes well with everyones pregnancies!

This is something that's always in my thoughts on & off throughout the day.
I had my first daughter at 19 & I was so carefree throughout the pregnancy. Even fell over few times & I was like meh alls good. With my son who I had this year in march my partner & I tried to conceive for a while for him & when I finally fell pregnant I was so happy yet so paranoid something would go wrong. Now i am 6months with my 3rd & im still as paranoid as I was with my 2nd pregnancy. Every little thing I worry about. I guess I'll worry until she's in my arms healthy and safe.
Sometimes I wish I didn't have these anxieties & that I wish I was like my other pregnant friends. They are so excited & alway talk about their babies as if they are already here & I just can't do that. I'm
very discrete & private with what I share too. I guess I don't want to get myself to excited just incase....
Welcome to the world of parenthood! You'll worry about the pregnancy not making it now, then you will worry about the baby and sids, then the toddler and injuries and cars accidents etc. It really is a never ending worry being a parent but I can promise you the highs outweigh the lows and it is the best adventure that you will go on! Try not to worry about what may happen, most pregnancies turn out fine, just as most people grow to be old. All you can do it follow current guidelines and the advice given to you by your Dr's and give that bub the best chance.

Wow now I know I'm not the only one! Honestly, I didn't feel relieved until she was born and screaming in my arms. I was really paranoid about buying cots, clothes etc because I was afraid that she wouldn't make it and I would be left with all this baby stuff haunting me. I got to 36 weeks and DH was like "we really need to buy a cot honey!". I think I had read too much about stillbirth and I also have known 2 ladies that had a 20 week stillborn bub, and then stupid ppl like DH's best mate tell you stories about their friends that have had full term stillborns, and before you know it I am absolutely paranoid that it's going to happen to me and my bub. It really put a downer on my whole pregnancy. For the next bub I am going to try to relax more. What will be will be I guess, it is out of my control anyway.

I can so relate about buying the cot aswell. With my son I left everything till the last minute.. I too think I'll be haunted with all this baby stuff if all goes wrong.
I have friends who set the furniture up in the babies room & paint real early on in the pregnancy & that freaks me out. Those friends are usually the ones who can understand my insecurities.

I was one of the unlucky few who lost a baby after 12 weeks. I went in for my 19 week ultrasound and no heartbeat was found. I gave birth to my baby boy the next day at the hospital.

That was in August and was my first pregnancy, now i'm 7 weeks pregnant and am wary. I do believe that we'll have this little one but have my moments of panic at little pains and coloured discharge (TMI)

Although it was the most horrible thing to have happened to us, we survived. i think remembering that helps me find the courage to keep trying.

I also believe that there is a greater chance of this baby happening than not, so to beleive or live as if it won't doesn't make sense. I think the statistics are 1 in 4 chance of miscarriage after a diagnosed pregnancy. So i've got a 75% chance this time!

After 12 weeks it's 98% chance that you'll go on to have a healthy bubs. I just happened to be in the 2% last time but there's no reason (medical or rational) that that will happen again. I'm not denying that it might happen. I guess what i am trying to say is that i've chosen to try and live in hope, not fear.
I didn't really think about it with my DD either, but after three miscarriages in a year I am so paranoid with this one that I can't sleep at night! I actually think I need help. I go the loo and check for blood 10 times a day at least. I actually have faith that this one is going to be OK because I have had a very similar pregnancy to my first one, but I'm still obsessed.

Clax that's perfectly understandable. I checked for blood often in the early weeks too.... and I havnt even suffered the trauma of multiple mc's - I had one mc before dd, but that one wasn't planned, I was very young and I brushed it off that it just wasn't meant to be and treated it like a period. That was 7 years ago now, and even after that happening I wasn't stressed when pregnant with dd.

In these middle weeks of pregnancy I havnt been worried about checking for blood, I've been hanging on every movement, yesterday I had a busy day and after feeling no movement for several hours started to panic. I went and lay down to get quiet and still as this is always when I get movement... and of course after a few moments those reassuring kicks came.

It's rather nerve racking!

Am so sorry to all the mummies who have lost little angels sad

that the pregnancy might not make it?

Morbid subject I'm sorry. Had a rough week at work - 2 miscarriages, one an early one, another at 16 weeks. And the worst thing I've ever had to watch happening is a mum that had a 19 week old baby die in utero.

She had to go through the labour and deliver the baby.... I've not seen anything like it, it was a horrific experience for all the staff so I can't even begin to imagine how awful for the parents it is.

I feel guilty that I'm pregnant - and now constantly paranoid that things arn't going to work out. After this week I've heard countless stories of women losing their babies at 22, 26 and even 36 weeks. It's horrifying!

Do you think about it?

Yes I'm blessed. With 13yr old son. 1yr son also. I have had two Miscarrages my first was 11yrs ago lost my baby girl at 16wks. Last st Miscarrage. Was on 8.11.2011 was 11wks molar Pregnancy. All my Pregnancys are high risk due. My bicornuate uterus. Pregnancy. Diebates ..

Had hormones. Levels tested. All back to normal got doctors. Approval to have another baby his mentioned I better. Do it soon due my age. 37 years young. Lol

Seriously. I hope to be blessed with another. Baby if. Its gods plan it will happen.

Scares. Me to try again but I don't want to down track 5yrs time. Wishing I had another one. I hate. Having regrets so decided to try again. I love having children.
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