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how many of you have conceived Lock Rss

just curious...
how many of you lovely ladies have been able to conceive the first month of trying? how often did you bd? and how old were you at the time of conception? did you do anything special that you believe helped?
Our first child was a surprise..we weren't TTC and I was on the i am assuming that doesn't count.

our 2nd child whom i'm due to give birth to in 5 weeks was concieved the 1st month of TTC.

I was/am 25, hubby is 28. I had been off the pill for 6 months but had been careful not to BD anywhere near ovulation to try not to get pregnant.

then in april i was ready, my period was a standard 30day cycle. and knew i should be ovulating around the 5/6th of may. we only BD twice in may: 4th and 6th. i didn't get straight up and put a pillow under my bum in hopes gravity would help.

i get ovulation pain every month, so i knew i was ovulating when i was supposed to.

i avoided alcohol and any un-needed medications around that time

First was unplanned, missed first couple of pills so doesn't count as trying.

This one, we fell pregnant first month unprotected. Had a normal 29 day cycle, only used condoms since having DS. I was 25 and DF 30. I didn't bother about counting cycles or anything but we BD every few days I guess. I started taking folate though once it got closer to when AF was due just in case. I got morning sickness a few days before AF was due so it prompted me to test a day before and got a BFP (only did one test)

I always think that you should just try without trying first so you aren't stressed about TTC so much. Not that I can talk as we are so lucky with fertility. Wish you the best of luck smile

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

]Hi, my first was a surprise, I was 22 and had been off the pill maybe 4 or 5 months. I had no idea what ovulation was but learnt all about it when we started trying for our second.
We had tried for just over 18 months when I decided to go on the pill.My best friend was getting married and I thought that it would be a good time to have a break.
I finished the pill just before her wedding, had my girlies and was going to wait until I finished the next girlies to start "trying" but they never came! I reluctantly did a pregnancy test as i didnt think that it could be true and got my big fat positive I had been waiting for for two years! I was in disbelief until I had my dating scan at 6 weeks and then it all sank in that it was really happening grin
We probably BD 4-6x over the week I was ovulating. I am also 26. Are you planning on trying soon or thinking that you may be pregnant now?
Good luck <3
I was 20 when we conceived our first. We had unprotected sex one time and fell pregnant. While I was in labour my midwife told me that the optimum age for a woman to produce and birth babies is between the ages of 18-22. She didn't say why but I assume it's because our bodies are still 'fresh'.

With this one we started TTC in September and fell on our third cycle BUT I was still breastfeeding my DS 7-8 times a day. The first month he was weaned we fell pregnant.

I am 22 now. When my GP did all my blood work when I was 4 weeks all my levels were perfect. My blood pressure was also at the level of a 'healthy 18 year old'. I don't drink, smoke or take any prescription or OTC drugs. I eat well and have taken a pregnancy and breastfeeding vitamin since falling pregnant with DS. I can't say whether or not this all helped as I know many people that take drugs and smoke like chimneys and keep falling pregnant over and over again.

From CD10-CD16 we BD ever second night. From CD17-CD21 we BD every night. I think I O'd around CD18.

Believe me I feel very lucky. I have never miscarried (that I know of) and it has been very easy for us to fall pregnant.
My husband and I were both 32 when we got pregnant. I went off the pill several months before and we were both taking Elevit/Menevit from a few months before we got married.

We agreed that we'd start trying after we got married - and got pregnant on our honeymoon (which we had straight after the wedding). I wasn't paying attention to cycle lengths or ovulation times or anything because we were just having fun on our honeymoon.

We're now 29 weeks. smile
Got pregnant after a weekend of unproctected(stupid) sex with an ex, goodbye shag and all that, mid 20's didnt preoceed with the pregnancy. Started trying for a baby late 30's got pregnant in the 2nd month but had a miscarriage sad

Tried again, two sexy times and Alex was made smile Tried again 6/7 months ago, one attempt but had a miscarriage and now currently 13 weeks tomorrow after one attempt 4 days before OV but must has OV'd earlier smile

Im now 42 so think my body is being super fertile as menopause is fast approaching hehe The best thing is to get to know your circle and fertile signs and just have fun for the first 6 months or so, I know of at least 3 ladies who took a year or so trying, only did it once the month they got pregnant, its just a case of right sperm, right egg and right time, relax and enjoy and Good Luck smile
I conceived first time with my first pregnancy (DD is now almost 2) and I was 28. I also conceived first time with this one- I am 30 (for another 3 days- wink)

For both I took basal body temps, charted them on fertility friend. For both I took pre natal vitamins for 6 months before starting TTC.

For this pregnancy I drank green tea every morning before O day, I also took evening primrose oil every day before O.

For the first baby we BD'd the day before O and twice on O day, twice the day after (LOL!!!!) probably overkill but we didn't know what we were doing!

18 months later I got pregnant 3rd month of trying but had a miscarriage.

For this one I used an OPK and we BD'd every 2nd day from day 8 of cycle, then for 3 days in a row from the day of O, skipped a day then had one last try.

I wish you lots of luck on your journey!
we convieved in the first month of trying with this bubba. i have pcos so tried to not get wrapped up in cycle days ext cos i knew i would be driving myself crazy as it is so unpredictable with pcos.
i had my last period and from then on we just bd often. getting closer to what i thought would be mid cycle we did it every day or every second day. turns out though i had a long cycle that month and we probly only bd once or twice in the week when we actually did concieve lol.

oh dh is 25 and im 22 smile
Both Bubs was first try. With DS I was 27 and with DD I was 29. We took a relaxed approach of don't do anything to stop it from happenning and it will happen when it is meant to. Didn't work out when I would be most fertile or anything like that, kept having sex a couple of times a week as normal.

Good luck smile

just curious...
how many of you lovely ladies have been able to conceive the first month of trying? how often did you bd? and how old were you at the time of conception? did you do anything special that you believe helped?

When I was 22 I got pregnant with my first son.was only of pill for a month.with my second baby I was 26had a Miscarrage at 16.wks.they both to my ex husband.

I also have 1yr son wasn't on the pill but was planned. And I just had Miscarrage again 8..11.2011 at 11 wks. Both to my current partner. My hormones levels are back to normal. So I seriously thinking of having.g another baby. I'm 37 so I really don't have age on my side. I don't want to have regrets in few years time . Wish me luck getting pregnant again hoping new years Eve.. leaving. In God's. Hands. Please pray for me
Sorry i should have mentioned that i am already pregnant and was very lucky to be able to conceive first month of TTC.
I was just curious as to who else also conceived 1st month TTC.
I am 19, hubby & I bd every day sometimes 2 or 3 times a day, also did the whole pillow under the butt thing after bd. I also have endometriosis so definitely wasn't expecting it to happen so fast.
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