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please help!!!! Lock Rss

ok i need help ASAP!!! i think im preg!! im 11 days late, i have a 10mth old and a 3 1/2yr, and i dont think im ready for another baby yet, my 10mth old is a slow developer, so i feel like i still have a baby if that makes sence??i wont another baby just not so soon, i have taken a pee test and it came back negative so im going to do another in the morning, and im not realy having any symptoms, i feel a little sick and my nipples have been sensitive latly, i have just stoped brestfeeding about 2 weeks ago. what do i do if it is positive and im preg again?? should i consider terminating the preg?? i need help i have also had PND with my last to boys and dont want to go thought that again, what do u think i should do i need ur honest opinion so i can make the right decision. please help!!!
Ok, firstly take a big breath. When did u get your period back and has it been regular? Finishing off BF can impact on your AF and many women find that they are not regular after having a baby. Many things can impact on your cycle - stress, sleep etc. I would wait until the morning and retest with first morning urine. If it comes up negative - see your GP for a blood test. No point getting stressed over something that may not be. If it comes up positive sit down with your partner and discuss what is best for both of you.

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