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Extremely sore feet when getting out of bed Rss

Hello new to the forum so I hope I've placed this in the right section.. For last last few weeks now when I step out of bed it feels like my feet are on fire I can barely walk on them. Also during the night I wake up with dead hands and when I move them they get pins and needles and feel really fat. My blood pressure has been fine the whole pregnancy, and I feel very healthy. Is this common??
Interesting question ... I get this sometimes now and I'm not pregnant, but I don't recall having had it when pregnant (or certainly not worse than usual).

I believe it is a circulatory issue. I have always had problems since I was born with my heart and with circulation so I tend to ignore things like this that are just normal for me!

I'd imagine it's reasonably common due to the extra weight that you're carrying and probably due to the baby's position as well. That said, you don't say how far along you are ... I shouldn't think it is common early on? I don't think it is anything to be concerned about but it might be worth just mentioning it at your next antenatal appointment if you are concerned.
Lol I was going to add how far along I was and then forgot I'm 32 weeks. I was worried about pre-eclampsia but my blood pressure would have been abnormal I presume at my check ups
Yeah with pre-eclampsia you would have high blood pressure and would also have protein in your urine (that is the reason they do the urine test at each appointment) ... so it's nothing to do with that, I don't think.
Hmmm my ob has never done a urine test.

Hmmm my ob has never done a urine test.

Hi, just wanted to add that I went from no protein and perfect blood pressure to having moderate pre-eclampsia in a week, so it can come on quickly.

Other signs to watch out for are headaches, spots in front of our eyes and actual swelling of your hands, feet and face especially.

I remember having pain in my feet and hands when I was about as far along as you were and I think it was what pp mentioned about circulation.
I know some women get carpel tunnel syndrome from all the extra fluid they are carrying restricting blood flow. As it appears to be a circulatory issue I would definately get it checked as you want to make sure the circulation to bub is getting where it needs to be.
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