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Just curious Lock Rss

But what did everyone's stomach look like a few weeks after they gave birth to their first?

I'm petrified that mine will end up looking like a floppy pizza pocket or like how Adam Sandler does in that movie Click (watch this if you don't know what I'm on about) and I've put on 15 kilos so far and I'm only 30+4!

Haha! Did you have to go to the gym to really work it out and tone it or did your body do most of the work for you?
Please share ^-^
Mine was terrible for the first few weeks, it does get better!
I wish i had of been harder on myself to get back into exercising after DD!

I never had a fantastic figure to start with : ( but i found that i felt alot better about myself when i began exercising again.
My weight gain was 15 kg as well and just over 2 months on my stomach is not exactly floppy... but it definately isn't what it was. It just kind of sticks out a bit still, like maybe the same as when I was about 16 weeks pg. Its super soft and squidgey though, not much muscle tone there. So you can definitely still tell I have just had a baby.
I had a c sect though and apparently the return to normal is slower. I'm not really in a hurry to get a flat stomach though, just kind of letting things return to normal in their own time. I have just started exercising again but not really going hard on the crunches as my scar site still is tender.
First few weeks it wasn't great but not foul or anything. I gained 20kg with DS too. I lost all the weight within 6mths breastfeeding and my skin went back to normal pretty much. I had stretchmarks which I got in last week of pregnancy and they faded to white. I don't think my belly was ruined or left looking like a pizza pocket and I never did anything special to it. My friend is really fit now after having her bub and she looks like she's never had a baby, but she didn't get 100% into the gym until her DD was 1yrs old.

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

Mine was all floppy for a couple weeks and seemed to be shrinking just by breastfeeding but then I stopped breastfeeding at 3 weeks and I got to my heaviest so now I'm doing something about it and am determined to do it! And my stomach is covered in bright red stretch marks that dont seem to fade!
I think if you wana get rid of post preggy tummy then breastfeed and eat well and excersize lightly to begin with. But if you dont breastfeed then eat well and take bubs on walks, try to get at least 60min of exersize a day (split into seperate 30 min sessions eg: 30min swim in the morning, 3 min walk at night) obviously once your recovered from birth. I'm not really guna get too into the gym at this stage coz bubs is still so little, and cant justify the expense when I can do some things at home for free or go to the pool for a few dollars.
Also I have heard Zumba and Ab circle pro are excellent for toning your tummy.

after my first i was lucky and walked out of the hospital 3 days after giving birth not even looking like id ever been preg after a couple of weeks my tummy was more toned then ever. i took really good care of myself during the preg diet wise and took a walk every day.. after my second and third didnt go straight to flat but still not gross at all. good moisturiser good muscles to begin with and a great diet and age may have a bit to do with it.. but we are all different.. but all marks left on your body are your mummy signs.. a physical reminder that you have given the gift of life
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