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Protein in urine? Lock Rss

I'm currently 30+5 and at my last MW appointment they noticed that I had protein in my urine (there were 2+'s next to it), I checked my chart and apparently I had had a small amount of it in my urine the last time I was there also where there was 1+ next to it (obviously not enough for them to warrant an alarm for me nor let me know <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' /> ) but the MW said they will keep a close eye on it.

I checked my blood pressure stats and they were all fine, 125/80 etc.
But I was out yesterday and family members noticed my ankles and feet were very swollen when I have never really noticed it before, I guess I'm too tired all the time now, haha!

I don't know what it could be, because with Pre-Eclampsia you have the high blood pressure to go along with the protein in the urine! Bah! I'm puzzled! Does anyone have any clues? or know what the +'s mean? unsure blink
99% sure protein in the urine suggests a UTI which your more vulnerable to in pregnancy and if you have one later in the pregnancy it has the chance of starting labour as it will irritate the uterua, thats certaintly what I remember it being last time around, hope that helps
Hi there

I was 35+1 weeks when i developed pre-eclampsia. It started off with lots of swelling, in my hands, ankles, feet, face. my blood pressure was quite high for about 2 weeks. then at a mw checkup, i ad 1+ in my urine - got transferred to hospital, and in the space of 3 hours, my urine was 5+. the next morning they had to induce me. but what i was always told was that with pre-eclampsia, you dont need all of the symptoms, they can all onset at any time very very quickly. i still had a perfectly healthy little girl (just a wee bit early).

good luck with everything smile
Protein in urine means UTI and trust me when it comes to UTI's i know all about them. I spent 4 months of my daughters pregnancy in hospital attached to a drip because of them. I would question them about it because a UTI can cause pre term labor if untreated. Alternatively i would start drinking a glass of cranberry juice every day just incease, it will also help prevent any infections from accuring as well as treat them smile
Can be a sign of uti's but also bp issues. If you start seeing stars go straight to hospital or gp as thats your bp going up, the swelling is sign of bp stuff aswell. Just be super aware of how you are feeling which i'm sure you are, i'd be getting checked out for the smallest things if I were you.
I've been seeing dots when I get out of bed or sit down too quick, but that has been happening for ages now!
Is there a way to monitor your BP from home?

I've been seeing dots when I get out of bed or sit down too quick, but that has been happening for ages now!
Is there a way to monitor your BP from home?

You can buy a BP machine from any chemist but unless you know what the normal readings are meant to be and what abnormal readings mean you'll just unnecessarily freak yourself out.
Seeing dots when you get out of bed normally indicates low blood pressure. Or rather a drop in blood pressure when you change position from lying to standing.
In any case, having protein in one's urine is not normal and you should discuss your concerns with your doctor.
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