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Anyone been induced because of a big baby? Rss

Hi ladies,

I'm currently 35wks pregnant with my 3rd child and had an ultrasound today they measured the bubs weight and he is currently measuring just over 3.5kg/8pounds. They said that I should expect, if I gave birth at 40wks, to have a baby that was 9.5 - 10pounds AT LEAST! Ouch!

Now I know that ultrasounds can be misguiding but there are several reasons I think they are pretty spot on:
1)They have been completely spot on regarding weight predictions for both my boys before.
2)My first son was 7pounds 13ounces, my second son was 9 pounds, I have been told to expect that each child will be larger.
3)I am measuring 42wks (42cm) at only 35wks and there is no extra fluid on board so it is all baby.

Just wondering if anyone managed to get an induction because of the size of the baby? When did they do the induction and how? Also wondering how you went about convincing the Dr?

Some additional info: I was told they would look at an induction as I have very fast labours but this wouldn't be until 39+2 days. I also have a pelvis that is 'falling apart' as the physio put it. It puts me in unbearable pain and means I can hardly walk, they said they couldn't do anything until after bubs delivery.

Thanks in advance.
my sister got induced as said baby rather large, they were saying maybe 9lb something and he come out 11pd 9oz. by csection. oh and dont want to be negative but my friend had a rather large 10pd something bub and broke her tail bone giving birth. i would talk to them bout u worries as it is scary.good luck and all the best
Hi darling

Ive had 3 boys, 9 pound 2, 9 pound 7 and 10 pound 2. My ten pounder was the easiset! Im normally a 12 but ballooned to 100kg with all my pregnancies due to late onset pregnancy diabetes. Had an emergency cesearean with my first, natural birth with my 10pounder and natural again with my last but had retained placenta which was hideous lol. With my ten pounder i remember getting really upset at ultrasounds because he was off the charts in size- 4-5 weeks ahead all the time. But listen, I was induced using a foleys catheter, over night i went in to labour, had pethidine and gas and he came out well enough with a snip but that was it. Honestly he was my best labour and birth. Big babies are not as bad as everyone says and if worse comes to worse you will have a c-section. Your midwife will be there for you... best thing you can do is eat well till your due so bubs dont grow too much and trust your body, even a shoddy pelvis (i had issues too) can do it, but if not you will soon know and they will help you through it. Good luck but you wont need it!

hi there- I have been induced with all 4 of my kid due to size. I am now 14 week and have been told by my ob i will be having this one at 37-38weeks as it is obvious it is going to be big. this was at 9wks. My kids all got bigger with my last being induced at 38weeks and he was 10lb1oz. he would have been close to 12lb had i gone term. which i just too dangerous. my second baby was 9lb13oz but had forceps as he got stuck- so they dont let me go term now. I have been told this time i may have to have a c-sect a this will be my 5th induction and am at risk of my uterus rupturing. this decision will be made towards the end of my pregnancy.

i will add my last and biggest was my easiest and pretty much drug free. all the other 3 i had epidurals.

Time wise for my inductions they were 18hrs, 15hrs,4,5hrs and 4.5hrs. o not necessarily fast but everybody is different.

Good luck...chubba bubbas are soo cute!

Thanks for your replies ladies. I am seeing the Ob today and I am seriously going to grovel for an induction at 37/38weeks. By then he is predicted to be 9 pounds. Not sure they will do it but I have fast labours on my side too - my DS1 was 3.5hrs and DS2 was 2 hrs...though knowing what a fast labour and a big baby does to your pelvic floor I'm not too keen to have a too much bigger baby quickly! Really really hoping I can come back in here and give you guys a date that I will meet my baby boy!
I had a whole heap of issues and was told I was having a big baby when I was in preterm labour at 32weeks. I begged for an induction at 37 weeks but they wouldn't give it to me until I was over 38 weeks. I went through 30 hours of labor before having to have an emergency c-section. My body just didn't want to open up for her. Shame, coz I was keen on a natural delivery, but that's another story.

As for your pelvis issues, you most likely have SPD (symphasis pubis discunction) it's quite common in pregnancy and awfully painful. I had to spend three days in hospital with it, learning how to walk with it (hubby worked away for long periods so they said it was their 'duty of care' to keep me in hospital). I had to go home with a walking frame. I tried many things but the only thing that worked was accupuncture. It'd only work for 1-3 days but i'd be absolutely PAIN FREE those days, then I'd go back for another lot. I was lucky that my accupuncturist bulk billed. Give it a try. Having SPD can hinder some labors too as they don't recommend you spread your legs too far etc. If you can, have bub on hands and knees.

Good luck to you x

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