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Heartburn.. Lock Rss

I have it now for this pregancy never had it before, my sister did and lived on Mylanta. I dont want to take that and find crushed ice helps, the coldness soothes it. It does help that crushed ice is a craving lol
I also keep Zooper Dooper iceblocks in the freezer but try not to eat too many cause of the suger content. But if you have an ice crusher or can fill ice trays up only half way (easier to chew) then give it a go. It's only water which is good for you in the long run wink
I have a small handful of almonds, maybe 6 or 8, and that helps me. I am sick of almonds though!

Im 25wks and 3 days and I have had heart burn from early on. I drink a glass of milk each time i get it and that always seems to work and ease it straight away. I guess it is different for everyone though. But give it a crack it cant hurt. Good luck smile
i lived on chocolate milk & chewy quick eze. i found sleeping up right as far as comfy was great

What works, or what do you do to get rid of heartburn?
Is there anything that does work?

i found that the best thing for me and it worked almost straight away... was a big m smile
i got my prescription stuff for heart burn and have to say is the most nastiest tasting stuff ever gasp !! had to take it twice almost spewed it all back out first time!!! but it did work for rest of day and night!
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