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Weird TMI Lock Rss

Yup, got it with both. Feels weird doesn't it! Made me jump a couple of times. And doesn't mean anything is hanging down or about to come out either. Just one of those funny sensations to get used to. Both mine were head down for ages too so can be hands or even just head on cervix I think.
Gosh yes! I am 25 weeks with mine and hubby's first and my pregnancy so far has been quite smooth sailing apart from the uncomfortable kicking downwards. Not sure which way bubs is facing though. I'm glad that this is normalish though and I'm not the only one with these ouchy kicks going on!
I never had them with my first, this one is making up for it!
Mine get so bad sometimes, i have to stop what im doing!
I had to leave target today, as bubs wouldnt stop and it was too painful to keep walking!

Glad im not the only one!
i think i am feeling this for the first time right now as im reading this!

im 31 weeks with my first, and i was almost about to panic he was on his way! but now i feel better knowing its probably just normal!
I didn't have it with my boys but my daughter has done nothing but that for quite some time. Tha strong ones make me want to cross my legs because it feels like my waters will brake or something will fall out hahaha.
I'm glad it's stopped now .
Yep, I'm getting it too! Sometimes it's so bad I can't even walk!
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