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Early labour? Lock Rss

I'm 31weeks with #3.
My first son was induced a day early and my second son was a week over his due date.
I have this strong feeling this baby is going to come early. I think she has dropped and I know she is head down bum up ( has been since week 28 ).
I have been going to the toilet more the past 2 days, I keep getting back pains come and go, I get the feeling of pressure pushing down when on my feet doing housework ect. She has been a VERY active baby all pregnancy and seems to have slowed down now ( still strong movement but not as much as normal ).

Last week I had a small fluid leak while walking home from the shop ( embarrassing )and was told to take it easy that day and track any more fluid loss.

At week 20 I was in hospital for a day having every test done to see if I was in pre term labour ect because I had cramps followed by a small bleed.Ended up being bad braxtons .

This feels different to braxtons and I have felt the need over 2 days to make sure the whole house and car are clean as possible. I have already gone through the nesting faze this is more everything needs to be done asap because something is about to happen type thing.

I don't want to bother the midwife by calling her and asking what to do when it's more a feeling than anything lol!

I just wish if something was about to happen it would already and if not things would settle down.
I would slow down.

31 weeks is, as you know, a less than optimum time to give birth.

I can only tell you that when I was pregnant with DS I also experienced what you are around 32 weeks. I even ended up in hospital with suspected pre term labour but it ended up being a pinched nerve.

I also nested at the same time. Cleaned out my pops house, which had accumulated 30 years worth of belongings and completely set up the nursery in one day.

At your next appointment maybe see if your Ob or midwife can do an internal exam and check you over and see what they say. For now I would just take it easy.
Im preg with #3 and am finding this time much harder than the others.
I have days of enormous pressure down there and i know bub is engaging and im only 24wks. BUT in saying that, with #2 she was engaging and popping back up again every day!
I think with the 3rd we must think we can do it the same, run around after the kids and do everything we normally do but geez it gets hard and i know i have to stop myself cause the pains in my belly tell me to!
Good luck!!
Had my check up today and it's just pre labour contractions and not active labour yet.
If I get to the point where the pain just doesn't stop at all then I have to call the hospital.
They booked me in for a C section at 39 weeks ( March 8th )so the paper work is now done for that and If I end up having her early they have my details for the op ready too.
Fingers crossed the next few busy weeks I have ahead of me don't put me in early labour lol! I have my youngest son's 4th birthday, need to get him set for kindy and our 5 year old set for his second term of school. We have 2 family member's birthdays and one that falls on Australia Day. I don't have my licence yet ( only Ls )so I will be doing a lot of walking to and from kindy and primary school ( next to each other )in the next month leading to due date.
Fingers and legs crossed hahaha
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