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Milk supply after birth? Rss

Ok so I'm pregnant with number 3 and really want to breastfeed bubs more than 6 months didn't get the chance with my girls because my milk supply was very very low. Is there anything that I could be eating or taking(supplement ) that will help increase my milk supply after birth? Im 11 weeks 5 days today smile


There is a drug called maxolin I think it is. U may have used it for queasiness I was givin that to produce more milk, buy I think that only after you have the baby. I'd say if u find u have low milk feed more regularly or express between feeds to create more milk... The more bub drinks the more u create so if give that a try u can freeze the expressed milk.. It may come in handy for those sleepless nights
hi there,

Fennelgreek tablets are always what the midwifes suggest:) Keeping an eye on your iron and protein levels while feeding.
Just had baby before Christmas. Took a little while to get my supply going too. The midwives suggested I feed as often as bub wanted to and to feed on one side then when baby fell asleep/came off breast himself, wake him up before offer the other side. Then switch sides several times. They call it "switch feeding". Make sure you talk to the lactation consultant if they're available when you give birth specifically about what you want to do.
Good luck!
What helped me :
-eat oats for breakfast
-There is a tea you can buy from Weleda called nursing tea, (I had a couple of boxes initially and then I started to make it myself (after speaking to a naturopath -using the main ingredients in the nursing tea and so much more afordable (1teaspoon of fenugreek seeds, half a teaspoon of the rest, aniseed seeds, caraway seeds and fennel seeds (you can add lemon grass or another flavour if you don't like the taste)
-also there is a recipe I found on line for lactating biscuits/cookies, the main ingredient is brewers yeast and oats, change the recipe to suit your taste, add chia seeds, a variety of nuts, dried fruit etc
good luck smile
The things that helped boost supply
1. PUMP PUMP AND PUMP. I used a hospital grade pump ( investment) and would nurse pump, nurse pump.. After a day or 2 of this my supply was great
2. Breastfeeding supplement- fenugreek and weleda nursing tea you can get from the health food shop.
3. SLEEP/ REST. This is really important try and sleep through and get partner to help out at night. I find if i don't sleep my supply suffers
4. Guiness/ stout or lactation cookies (brewers yeast)
5. Oatmeal every morning for breakfast
6. Make sure your consuming enough calories (and fluids) to make milk
5. oatmeal for brekkie every morning
6. Plenty of fluids- water, carrot juice (or carrots) and milk boost supply

The one thing I couldn't live without would be my breast pump- it has been a lifesaver with supply issues etc
Good luck smile
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