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When did you start showing 2nd time round? Lock Rss

Hi ladies I am only for weeks pregnant but already my tummy is rounder from bloat! It doesn't help that I still have a roll of fat from my last pregnancy either!

How early did you start showing with your 2nd baby? As soon as I am 12 weeks i want to show of my belly(well start to anyway). For those od you that still have the fat roll like me, did it become more rounded and look like more baby that fat????

I still carry a little weight from last pregnancy although not heaps.

With this second pregnancy I started showing around 7 weeks! I also felt quite uncomfortable with all the stretching of tendons etc going on.

My dr used the delightful analogy that once you have had a baby or two, the skin and muscles around your uterus are like a pair of old granny knicker that keep getting pulled on. They stretch out of shape again real quick.

Delightful thought for the day.

i showed at around 10-12weeks with my first, it was an obvious bubba belly from the start. with #2 i showed much earlier at around 8 weeks and it was difficult to hide from those who know me well and it also was a bubba ball straight away. #3 i put on a little weight first enough to hide the bump a bit at first, i showed at about 7 weeks but it didnt look like a bubba until about 10 weeks. apparently you show earlier with subsequents pregnancies because the uterua and tummy muscles give easier. but 4 weeks im a bit soon? oh congrats btw!!! grin
I'm 10 weeks preg and this is my 2nd baby. I was in a size 14... They don't feel that comfy anymore, a size 16 is still a little big but fits more comfy for me.

Depends what I wear, is to depends if my tummy shows off more. Everyones diff though. Goodluck casey xxx
Thanks ladies! I am deffintly not showing baby at four weeks laugh I am just really bloated and gassy (TMI) so I think thats what is making me a bit rounder.

I'm quite a slim person so with my first i started showing around 16 weeks but with this one, even though i had dropped all my baby weight i was showing at around 6 weeks and looked 20 weeks by the time i was 10 weeks. We wanted to wait alot longer before telling people the news but had to let it out at around 8 weeks as it was fairly obvious by then anyway.

First time I didn't show til around 20 weeks. I was fit as a fiddle so my muscles took while to give way!

This time I was still slim, but had a definite pudge at 12 weeks. By the time we told people at 14 weeks a handful of people had already guessed.

Now I'm getting... "so you must be due soon?" And I say "not til the end of march". This is followed by a look of shock and a big "oh!" As in.... they thought I was about to bust now.... nice eh. *sigh*

Hi - how exciting! I was excited with this pregnancy, my belly was bloated at 7 weeks which secretly made me even more excited lol with DD I didn't show anything until 17 weeks!

I ended up popping at exactly the same week both pregnancies - week 22, though with 2nd pregnancy I did get a little chubbier though didnt look pregnant enough for people to guess. I was expecting to show much earlier 2nd time around so was surprised it took so long for me to show. Most of my mothers group you could tell well before 12 weeks that they were pregnant again.
Hi, I am 9wks 5days with no.3 and I grew a little pot at about 6-7 weeks. Was the same with DD2. I'm not a big person anyway, but at the same time not very fit so my belly muscles give in straight away. It depends alot on ur size and body shape, how baby and uterus are sitting, etc. I think. Well good luck and enjoy smile
#1 - I was easily 25 weeks before I looked like I had a bump, but I was noticeably thicker in the waist (to me and my partner) by about 21 weeks. To anyone else I wouldn't have looked pregnant.

#2 - I was 16 weeks when I believe I had a podgy belly, probably 20 before I had a "baby bump.

#3 - My DH said I had a thicker waist by 9w!! And now at 18 weeks I have a baby bump.

I am very slender so I can;t stick out any belly fat and call it a This time (#3) I have gained a lot of weight already (about 6-7kg) and had more belly fat which made me have a belly earlier.
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