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38wks+5 feeling swollen Lock Rss

hi there just wanted to ask some advice!

im coming up 39 wks on sunday, and my 'bits' are feeling quite swollen - is this normal?
bubs is really low and pretty much fully engaged and in the right position, theres alot of pressure down there feel so heavy just want her out!
im constantly having to wee all the time even if its the littlest amount. last night had a horrible sleep couldnt get comfy got up at least 5 - 6 times to wee and was feeling like its swollen down there unsure and lots of pressure.
so just wanted to ask if anyone has had the same feeling and is it normal or not?? when she moves sometimes i get like sharp pains in my bits too.

with DD i never got this, she was born at 39 wks- my waters were trickling out and contractions were irregular so was induced after 24hrs.

so any advice wopuld be great!
yeah I remember this happening... something to do with bubs being engaged and all the pressure causing the swelling I think but not 100%.

Hopefully means your little one will be here with you soon!
I think it started for me at about 37 weeks but DS was born via elective c sect at 38+6 but was almost fully engaged, they had to get his head out with forceps poor little bubba.
Hi! I'm 39 weeks too, and I have had exactly the same thing! Feeling very swollen down there, hurts to walk, I get like sharp pains when I'm on my feet for a while. Its a horrible feeling isn't it? I agree with Skippy I think it could be varicose veins, seemed the most likely reason after I googled it! Well we don't have long to go now, so hopefully all this will be gone once our lil babies come into the world smile Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! xx
im 34 weeks with my 2nd and have been having those problems for a few weeks now.

my midwife said to me that it is the pressure of baby engaging but is not a sign of impending labour. but still if you think you are in labour then ring her, but yeah i feel rather swollen alot too its not a nice feeling!!
Hi I am also 38 weeks+4 and yes I feel swollen and very uncomfortable, really getting sick of having to pee all the time, and when bub moves I get really sharp pains down below. I never experienced this with my first either. Not much longer to go though smile
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